Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Sketching Pretty Ladies

I bought this 1950s sewing book for the cover. I just love the colours and the pretty mother and daughter scene. My Mum is a very good seamstress and used to make a lot of clothes. The scene with her teaching me to sew never quite ran this smoothly, as I was such a moody girl with zero patience for a tangled sewing machine. I amaze myself with my patience these days, though the odd outburst of temper still occurs. I was reading another old sewing book at the weekend, which is full of helpful advice (as is this one actually) and it says not to continue with your sewing when you are tired as the time you think you are saving will be wasted in unpicking the mistakes you are likely to make. 
News on the Tiger-we got the neck and head attached to the body, and the legs made and attached. It almost stands up unaided. It was around the corner in the afternoon as there was no chance to work on it. One of the children was ill and had an unfortunate pooing incident. I sent her home as she was not at all well. After work I was proudly showing off the tiger when I noticed some poo on it! Luckily it was on the shiny part of the cardboard body, and my lovely TA cleaned it up for me while I ineffectually went on about it. I later taped over the area with plastic packing tape so the tiger is ready to go again. Phew! Papier maché on the body tomorrow then everyone can add their own stripes.


Paula said...

Oh my soul! I snorted so hard about the poor tiger with the poo on him. Good golly! It so takes a special person to be the teacher of little one's. I hope you know how wonderful you are and thanks so much for making me laugh!

Anonymous said...

I don't think I could cope with a pooing incident!!
I love the book. I was taught to dressmake by a schoolfriend, but I had learned basic sewing and embroidery at primary school from the age of seven!

Janine said...

Love this!

Tracy said...

Oh, poo... Oh, no!! But that was hilarious! Well, not really, but you know... ;o) You story was crazy. Look forward to seeing more soon. LOVE your sketch from the patter! Happy Weekend ((HUGS))