Friday, 22 February 2013


We always park in the Rock-a-Nore car park in Hastings, as it is right next to the beach, easy to find, and not the multi-storey which is a particularly difficult one to drive around. Silver waves greeted us.
 It was freezing cold so we didn't stay long. Just long enough to see one of the younger gulls with a large fish in its mouth, trying to prevent the others from getting any of it. It is a good piece of beach for the gulls as the fishing boats pull up their catch there.
 The best and strangest junk place in Hastings-lots of little rooms with all sorts of things, from total junk to some actual antiques. This large red jointed man is most impressive. Maybe from a giant's puppet show.
 If you look carefully at this tangle of metal and rope, you will see it is another figure, reclining on some kind of fifties metal furniture. It reminded me of the beach sculpture on the Greenwich peninsula.

The old ice skates look good as a collection. We didn't rummage at Robert's as he was closed when we went by.
 This is the building at the bottom of the funicular railway up the cliff. I have not been on this one, only on one in Devon. I think they are a great idea!  I liked the plastic tassels on the Tudor looking building.
 Interesting doorways with red.
 I loved the pigeon painting on this piece of hoarding. I like pigeons, and think they make a great subject. I like how they go off the edge of the board.
 This seemed to be an artist's studio when I peered in past the bones and fossils.
 Cute dogs. The first one was quite good at posing and didn't seem bothered by me taking his picture. The second two looked so strange. I thought at first that they were Huskies, but then their heads looked like Alsatians. I didn't get a chance to ask the couple as they seemed in a hurry, but they stopped by the fish stall on the way back to the car park, and I just overheard the man answering someone who did ask what breed they were. Test your dog breed knowledge. Answer here!
A witch ball. 
It is roughly the size of a football.
The sun was going down as we left, turning the car park into somewhere looking more like the wild west.
A great day!
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Sonia Rodriguez said...

The building architectures and art were so beautiful. The white dog kind of looks my rescued dog Frankie. Love your road trips


Leenie said...

A great day indeed. Thanks for giving us a look at the fun you had. I can see you in the witch ball. What does that mean? ;)

snoopydog said...

Hello there! I've just been catching up on your lovely Hastings posts. I've never been, but it looks well worth a visit. Glad you have had a good half-ter. Not long until Easter! Ros

Anonymous said...

Looks like a beautiful place! So glad that you enjoyed your day!