Sunday, 3 February 2013

January Makes and Cats

The last couple of weeks have not involved much making anything as I have been ill with one thing after another and have had no energy. But I realize I have made quite a few things over the last month or so but not shared any of them. Again the energy problem! So I thought I would put some here today. I have one other group of things to share but two of them are not quite finished so I will wait until they are. Oh-and also a terrible pair of things I finished today-one of those things where I had such high hopes and clear vision but that did not turn out quite as expected! Usable but not much else!
 This little doll was the result of not wanting to get my sewing machine out, and wanting something easier than my recent dolls. I have this lovely felt from a shop in Greenwich. They have a good range of colours including dark natural type tones, usable skin tones and lovely blues and greens, and it has wool content so is much nicer to the touch than the synthetic felt sheets. I used beads to weight her down so she will kind of balance on the edge of something.
 This is crocheted Sadie. I tried to shape the body as she looks in photos I have. It turned out to be slightly too long I would say. I used the teddy bear arm attachment method for her legs, so she is a little pose-able but wobbly. I had to order some wool tops for her ears and tail as the yarn I was using just didn't have the right look. I am looking forward to showing my Dad!

 I found out how to make small and simple crocheted hearts so made a garland of them to brighten my date board at school.
 This little reading lady will probably be a bookmark when she is finished.
 A crocheted rose for a friend's daughter at work. Another new thing I found out how to make. I bit slower than the flowers I usually make but I like how it turned out.

 Lily in the sunshine by the hyacinths. She seems to have a natural ability to put herself in places that make her look more beautiful.
 A drawing of a tall doll. I have not done much in the way of drawing recently and enjoyed colouring this one in!
 Cassie in the sun on top of a blanket on top of my wool box. I like the way her ears are echoed by the butterfly shape on the cushion. She seems to have something wrong with her leg today. She is moving strangely and does not seem comfortable bending it when she sits or standing on it. She has hidden in the drawer at the moment as the man to fix the internet came round and she is scared of people coming round. I hope she is ok though.
I have not done much blog visiting or commenting recently but hope to get back to it this week. January just takes it out of me I think. It is all I can do to keep up with work and housework and everything else has been too hard. Hopefully February will be better!
One last thing. If you are feeling slightly ill and fed up do not watch 'One Day'. If you have seen it you will know what I mean. Why does it have to end that way? What a miserable film! However, do watch a programme about a man called Brolga,  in Australia who has devoted his life to rescuing orphan kangaroos and raising them as if he was their mother, on his sanctuary somewhere in the outback. He is amazing! I realize I knew next to nothing about kangaroo biology but now know quite a lot. Amazing creatures! The programme is called 'Kangaroo Dundee' and is on i-player for a while longer I think.


Shell said...

Sadie is lovely! You have been busy in January. All your creations are.sweet. Cats do have a knack to find the best places to get photographed at

snoopydog said...

Hello there Sarah! Hope you're feeling better. Love, love, love little Sadie. She's super cute! Love the little hand stitched doll, with her pretty flower, too! In fact, as always, all your 'makes' have just the 'right look' about them to make them work. I agree with your thoughts on the baby kangaroo programme. I watched the first one by accident and was totally transfixed. Had to record this week's episode and haven't watched it yet. Have a good week. Ros

Sarah said...

Thanks Shell and Ros. Yes I must watch the first one-I saw the second one also by chance. Such a great man.

minipoppy said...

I love Sadie's cute little expression! Also, could you tell me, what is the name of the felt shop? I don't suppose they have an online store? Most of the blogs I read are American, and they rave about their favourite felt shops, but being in the UK that's not much use. Thanks!

Tracy said...

WOW--Sadie in crochet form is AMAZING, Sarah! You really outdid yourself there. Will you be crocheting verisons of the kitties too? :o) Your felt girls are so sweet. I love these! Will there be more? Hope very much you will be feeling better soon. And January is tough... Creativity kept me sane... LOL! ((HUGS)) I'm hosting a Valentine Giveaway this week... stop by for the fun, if you get a chance.

Anairam said...

Your felt doll is superb! You are right, this felt looks so much better than the acrylic felt. But the best is Sadie - Snous wants to lick her and play!

Leenie said...

I hope February is better for you. Getting through January winter days is a challenge for sure. Still, you have created some very wonderful and unique items. I'm glad you took time for a little show and tell. Liked them all. Loved the kitty photos! And I sure didn't see that ending coming to "One Day."

Carole said...

Sweet little Sade has the most marvellous ears and tail! And those hearts and bookmark are adorable. As are everything else in this post.
I've been getting behind in reading my favourite blogs so I know how you feel. This weekend I spent my days in bed with a flu. Fortunately I surrounded myself with books and tried to read between naps.
Take care, dear Sarah.