Saturday, 2 February 2013

Another Experiment

Lily and hyacinth.
My experiments are not the exciting kind. I was trying to do a post from my phone as I am now ( using the blogger app) because our Internet is not working but it said I had reached my photo limit. I haven't according to blogger elsewhere. Then I had to get the google plus app. Then I had to upload my photos. Then work out how it worked. Then it told me my browser was unsupported ( ooh er!) so I downloaded google chrome, then tried again on there in the normal blogger post writer instead of this one. It had by that time uploaded the last two photos I took ( of a face on a local church) and actually worked. Boring isn't it? So now I am trying again with one photo in the blogger app. If the photo of Lily doesn't appear then it didn't work. Here goes! It didn't. So that is the end of the blogger app as it doesn't work or doesn't seem to know what the rest of blogger is up to.

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Anonymous said...

The Blogger app doesn't work for me on my iPhone nor my iPad. I gave up! I also have trouble commenting on people's blogs from both devices. I think Google has a vendetta against Apple devices!