Sunday, 24 February 2013

Comfort and Joy

 Tiger under the blanket this morning just defines comfort so perfectly! 
And the joy? 
That of colour, scent, and yarn in abundance. 
And of anticipating new projects, as if there weren't enough current ones to be going on with!
 I went to 'Unravel' at Farnham Maltings yesterday with my friend. It was a fun (if expensive!) day. So many beautiful yarns and yarn related things. Lots of ladies wearing hand knitted garments, and a few men too, just a few. I bought wool tops, yarn, buttons, ribbon, a darning mushroom and a doll. Now I have to make something worthy!
 This is on our table at the moment. I planted the bulbs about a month ago and the advice was to leave them in a dark, cool place for 8-10 weeks. I opened the cupboard yesterday and the beautiful smell of hyacinths greeted me. These are really good ones, unlike some I have had recently which did not smell at all.
Back to the yarn!

 Amazing crocheted blanket in the Best in Show exhibition.


Sonia Rodriguez said...

OMG I love how all the colors of the yarn hang, so beautiful and comforting at the same time. Color candy for the eyes. I too love the smells of hyacinths when they bloom. We dont get them much here in Texas it was 78 today we are in spring in February then to straight heat.

Linda Sue said...

WOW what a loaded post! Of course my breath went GASP when the "best in show" rolled into vision! And the yarn, such delicious YARN! Soooo beautiful! It makes my face drip!

Tracy said...

All this fiber focus has me itching to stitch! ;o) So much delicious yarn...*swoon*... And that crochet blanket is HUGE inspiration! Thanks for the fun, Sarah ((HUGS))

jabblog said...

Yarn and other craft supplies are so seductive. Lovely warm colours in your photos, Sarah - and Tiger looks supremely comfortable.

Anonymous said...

I could go crazy with all that yarn! I am having my very 1st giveaway on my blog. I am giving away a couple of crochet books you might like. Stop by!

Anonymous said...

Those yarns are so delicious! I love hyacinths, but unfortunately, they make me sneeze!

Tyler Thursby said...

Your pictures are great! So colorful! Did you take them yourself?

Been following your blog for awhile now, finally decided to comment. You're a great writer!

If you get a chance, take a look at my budget travel blog :)

Leenie said...

Jabblog is right--seductive. It would be so difficult to resist such enticements. Congrats on the fine success with your hyacinths. It's pretty easy to see Tiger knows where to find comfort.