Thursday, 1 September 2011

Sorting and Star Wars

Sorting cupboards for stuff to get rid of is quite a rewarding thing for a hoarder like me. There is always forgotten treasure to be unearthed, such as these Star Wars characters from my bag of plastic children's toys-action figures and others. I thought I might sell them all, but when I looked through there were only five I wanted to part from. Most are back in the (now tidy) cupboard, but these stayed out and went in a long redundant box frame. I made the background with ink pads and splattered white ink, then stuck the characters down. I then took five of them off again as they were stuck beyond the edge of where the frame goes. Whoops. I am not even a big Star Wars fan, I just like these little figures. I do want to know who some of them are though, as I only know the obvious ones. That, wrapping Ebay parcels to go, having a haircut, and tidying my fibre collection is how today has been spent. Not the most exciting day, but satisfying. The last of the scaffolding has now gone from the school, so my garden is my own again. I am looking forward to doing some work in it without feeling overlooked.

So many colours-I laid it all out on the table and it looked luscious. I have had a bit of a splurge recently and bought even more-from ebay and on holiday. Hence all the felting recently and I have more planned. I need to use some of this up!

See the curly grey one? It is from a Gotland sheep from Sweden. I just love that name and it will make perfect witch hair.

The sugar pink one is so silky and soft. I bought that on Skye, from a great shop which was really close to where we were staying, called 'The Handspinner Having Fun'. It had curly wool tops, handspun yarns, a man spinning quietly in the corner, in a world of his own, and a grey haired pretty lady, knitting behind the counter. It also had an amazing amount of beautiful hand knitted things. I bought some blue, grey and white socks, knitted by a lady called Katy.

It is all now put away, sorted into colours, apart from the box of Jacob's sheep fleece which is exactly where it was. There is no space for that at the moment.


Serenata said...

Oh I love all your fibre, now looking at it with a keen eye, having my embellisher to play with.

jabblog said...

Sorting out and tidying up is so satisfying, isn't it? I never manage to throw much out, either, but not much of it goes towards anything creative, unlike your goodies.
The little shop in Skye sounds delightful:-)

Tracy said...

Oooo... look at all that DELICIOUS fiber--YUM! Such wonderful colors too. I actually a good clear our & sort-through. Getting organized I find is a great way to get creative juice flowing. ;o) Happy Weekend, Sarah ((HUGS))

Sam said...

That wool and felt is gorgeous! The textures and colours! ...and you're not a hoarder my friend, you are a collector!