Thursday, 8 September 2011

Seeing What's What

The wind blew down my sunflowers. Poor things are all of a tangle, propped on the fence in the hope they will drop their seeds or maybe provide a meal for a fast bird. (They would need to be fast if they were to eat here.) Peeping from under the giant leaves-a squash growing and ripening. I was beginning to worry that none would ripen in time as the weather has turned cool and windy and I think they need more sun to mature. But this one, and the one below are at the beginning of this giant plant, and had been quietly getting larger without me noticing.

Sunset apples seen over the fence.

And a collection of clouds in the sky just behind.

So many lovely things to see and all in my garden.

Thank you for the kind comments yesterday about my paintings!


Unknown said...

Love your last shot, the sky looks very Autumnal.

Poor Sunflowers!End of Summer for them.

Elizabeth said...

Such a pity about the sunflowers
but you are right the birds will enjoy them!

Tracy said...

Oh, that last photo.. the cloud formation and light...*swoon*... But what a pity about your sunflowers. Such joy to see the squash though--it's beautiful! It looks a bit like a Turk's Cap variety. The "leftovers" of hurricane Irene blew through here--no damages, thankfully, but the garden is a mess...*sigh*... Happy Weekend, Sarah ((HUGS))

Rattling On said...

Our fence is a gonner, never mind the plants! Oh, well, another job to do...
The squash is very impressive, nothing much has come of my gardening this year. Too much dull and rainy weather I think. But the roses have loved it!

jabblog said...

Your squash (squashes??)are beautiful. What a shame about the sunflowers, though - they were so gorgeous. I expect they'll self-seed - you'll have a forest next year;-)

jabblog said...

I've missed some of your posts so have been reading back through them.
Do you remember powder paints? The black was always difficult to mix.
Winchelsea looks charming - I like that part of the country.

Anonymous said...

Our garden is looking tatty now - time for the autumn tidy up. Well done on the squash - I once grew a pumkin, but it didn't get very big. Hopefully the birds will enjoy the sunflowers.

Linda Sue said...

Clouds look ripe, time to harvest them!
LOVE your little squash- what a cutie!