Friday, 16 September 2011

Random Meeting

I am always driving past the end of the road that leads to somewhere called Isis Reach. It sounds romantic doesn't it? It is in an area called Thamesmead-near the Thames as it suggests. It is reclaimed marsh land and has fields and industrial areas. It has horses and herons too, and actually looks quite wild in parts. I have not really explored-I just drive along the main road on the way to Hobbycraft at Crayford. Hence the detour. You can see big intriguing buildings fron the road, and the wind turbine. I got to what looked like the end of the road and there was a man standing there in sunglasses, a hard hat and high visibility jacket. I didn't know if I could go any further, he looked official so I asked him if he could turn there. He asked if I was lost and I said that I was just curious and having a look. He was really nice and told me about the building you can see in the picture. It is a waste incinerator and produces ash used in the building industry, and steam. I am not sure I entirely understand but no matter. I have just been reading about it and it had a lot of local opposition to it being built. He told me that the other fancy building down the road is a sewage plant or "'shit farm' as we call it!" He also told me that the smell from the incineration plant, compared to that of the sewage place, was not good because, 'that's treated and that isn't'. They have had things such as whole trees and locked safes in amongst the rubbish-though I suppose they were not the culprits for the smell!

The building is interesting I think and quite attractive close up-I didn't take a picture as I was talking to the man. It has only been there for three years.

This is from yesterday, as were the sunflowers. Today we have had a great time on an outing-back later with pictures and info!

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