Saturday, 7 November 2009

Saturday Sunshine

I went to the post office this morning then to Greenwich for catfood and a wander. I feel a bit better and the day was beautiful. Hydrangeas near the church where I parked. The garden of this church is really well cared for and last week I saw parakeets flying round the steeple. I tried to paint it-the church-a while ago but it didn't turn out well!
In Greenwich I saw an elderly lady who made me smile. She was walking with a stick very slowly and we passed on the crossing. She was carrying a book and I managed to glimpse the title-"Walking London" I have that book-it is full of interesting walks. I was so impressed with her and how she was out and about despite it obviously being difficult for her.
Oh Christmas, why do you come so soon after Halloween? I am sure there must be other things I should be doing first. Cakes in the bakers where I bought a coffee. I do like it when you buy a coffee that is the right temperature to drink when you buy it. My camera unfortunately had a little drink of coffee-I dropped my shopping bag and, as I fiddled around with coffee, camera and handbag, I bent down with the coffee in the same hand as the camera. Whoops! I think it is alright though.
Look at this poor badger. I know I like stuffed dead things but I feel sorry for this one. He has been made into an umbrella stand, forever growling at the dripping umbrellas in the hall. This stall is the one I always take at least one photo of. I may have mentioned it before. The stall holder gets all of her things from French flea markets so it is quite different to other stalls. There is always a lot of religious iconography, embroideries of birds, weird bakolite light fittings and always some form of taxidermy. Last time she had a fox. I quite want a fox but am always put off by the £100 plus price tag.
Off to a fireworks party in half an hour. Andy has bought some kind of enormous firework which is waiting in the car. It looks quite scary.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear - it's just as well my son and his friend don't read your blog - they both like badgers - I have made cushions with badger fabric for both of them!! Apart from the badger, I enjoyed the story of your day.

Snowbrush said...

We differ on taxidermy, although I must say that I like seeing the preserved remains of people, although that's a different matter actually--at least in how those remains are preserved (I'm unaware of human-taxidermy).

As for the umbrella stand, I think it shows an utterly shallow and utterly ignorance-based contempt for other species when we display what amounts to their corpses in undignified ways.

Your photo of yourself on your blog immediately brought to mind a Bible verse that goes, "And now we see through a glass darkly.." I rather like the mystery of it, although my goals for my blog would appear to be quite different.

Mar said...

glad you are feeling some better
nice of you to take us to town with you
you enjoy the display

craig likes to set off fireworks too
one time we were mysteriously sent 2 HUGE boxes of firworks...i am talking huge
the return address was bogus
and the post office said it was now ours
this was a lot of $$$ worth so we were quite leery to keep it
but once we were decided we could
he said it was due to clean living they sent us the 'gift'
he set off fire works for years!
everyone enjoyed them we lived near.

have a fun time!

Deirdra Doan said...

Oh I forgot about Guy Fox day! Show pictures of the festivities!

I love french things, must be a fun little booth. Poor Bagger Boy! But I like stuffed animals since they are old or dead at least we can see their beauty.

Gabbi said...

Sarah, your city is lovely! Must visit one day. I love the story of the little old lady and the book on walks. Adorable.♥

PS. I have my amazing Sarah up! Been meaning to post all week but it was a hectic one and wasn't able to blog properly till today. :)

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

loved the fireworks and bonfire on friday in your part of the world!

Anonymous said...

Love the idea of the old lady doing a grand tour of London. I wonder if she was a local or visitor?
Glad you're feeling better!

Sam said...

Thank you so much for that lovely tour of your neighbourhood - I very much enjoyed it!! Go the little old lady!! Very strange that badger though - can't imagine anyone actually wanting to have it in the house - French Flea Markets though sound very exotic to me.Saw your wonderful work on Gabbi's blog - you really are super talented!!! Have a lovely week!

Anonymous said...

Poor badger! I hate to see animals used that way. I always enjoy seeing the pictures that you take!