Sunday, 23 August 2009

Canberra, Nevada, Greenwich and Blue Skies

Sunday morning started with early phonecalls from freecyclers-one who wanted a folding music stand that I happened to be able to provide, and one who had this lightbox to give away and I was his chosen beneficiary! The lightbox came from Canberra Road. I have always wanted a lightbox-I feel it has many uses yet to be discovered. This is a home made one and is quite big. I am so pleased with it!
Later on we went into Greenwich, found our secret parking place that is almost always there, then had a look around the market.
A buddleia in Nevada Street.
This poodle was decorating a skirt in the market.
I liked this old fashioned police sign and all the trails in the blue sky. We are having incredible weather at the moment-consistently hot and sunny. Weird.
This stained glass panel was my bargain of the day. £2! I tried it in front of the light box but the light was too cold. I love it here on the window sill of the back room.
My other purchases at the market were two pairs of knitting needles and CUP that you can see above. The letters are wooden, painted pale blue, and about 6" high. Another stall holder had reserved the letters to spell HENS, for her hen house. So I must get a cup house and then the letters will have a purpose.
The part of the market I bought the window from is great-but quite small. Until recently there was a huge second hand market that had lots of little shops/businesses that had been there for years. It has been closed for some time now, and is going to be developed in some corporate kind of way-restaurants, 'proper' shops-I don't know the details. There are already plenty of restaurants and bigger shops and I think people come to Greenwich for the flea market as much as anything else. It is really sad that Greenwich has changed in this way-not for the better in my opinion-I just wish I had done some sort of campaigning or something to try to stop it.


Anonymous said...

the stained glass is delghtful - and what a bargain!

Tracy said...

Love the stained glass! Fun post to start the week, Sarah...Have fun with your light box! Oh, and love those little birds you showed last time. :o) Happy week, my friend ((HUGS))

Yiota said...

great stained glass- very beautiful! Looks like you had a lovely sunday!
Happy rest of the week!

Candace said...

Gorgeous stained glass, Sarah, congrats. And CUP will be fun too. I can't wait to see what you do with that.

I watched parts of Atlanta (where I lived for a long time) change as Greenwich seems to be changing... corporate instead of community. Why in the world travel when and if you don't/can't find something particular to that place?

I personally was distressed when I came to London last year after quite an absence and found STARBUCKS and McDonalds and KFC... everywhere!?!? Jeez Louise.

Take care,
Candace in Athens x

Bonnie said...

Hi there Sarah! Brilliant find, your stained glass, and for 2 quid! I love a good flea market too, sorry to hear that Greenwich is going the way so many places are. Here in my hometown, a place I lived in from childhood, has turned alien to me now. Sometimes memories are better than current reality, eh?

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my blog, I hope to see you again.

Take care!
bonnie in tiny Trumansburg, NY, USA

Anonymous said...

So glad to get back in touch.
I loved the buddleia tree growing out of the house.
This to me is quintessentially English.

Freecycling sounds such a wonderful and suitable idea
so many people have STUFF they absolutely don't need
but feel is too valuable to just chuck.
It's win-win
they get space and you get something useful!

Allegra Smith said...

£2? as in Sterling pounds? as in Royal tender in the UK? OMG! I just bought the green and blue one for the laundry room and I paid nearly...never mind. It is gorgeous and the colors can make the most frumpy morning look splendid.

I love your window with the other intriguing objects. So very artistic and yet not pretentious or "set up" as many others often appear to me. There is a beautiful and inviting spontaneity to the arrangement.
But a true artist has that touch. And I am not saying just this to flatter. I mean it sincerely.

Anonymous said...

What a bargain!! Your stained glass looks fantastic - I am decidedly envious. Of course I also love the poodle ...

Anonymous said...

I love the stained glass piece. It is so pretty!