Sunday, 30 August 2009


Photos I liked from my phone-I don't often download them so am always surprised at what I find.The pub last night.
Strange cloud.

Dollshouse with residents in the market.
Actors on Sherlock Holmes this week in Greenwich.
Phonebox in Denmark Hill.
Fish in Morrison's.
Great offers in Sainsbury's.
The cafe interior.
The moors from the car.


storyteller said...

Interesting shots from your phone. I seldom remember that my phone TAKES photos and I'm not sure I'd KNOW how to download them if I actually took pictures with it. Guess this is something to check out when I have time.
Hugs and blessings,

Gabbi said...

Clearly a lovely weekend! :)

Candace said...

Ohmygosh, these are just lovely... mmm. Which is my fave? Is it the District 9 phonebox (a quite good SciFi movie with a message)? Or the dollhouse with residents (very clearly in the running here!) --? How I love itty bitty --
and how I love that cloud! It's like a cartoon!
Have a great week and thanks for sharing these fone fotos as well as your visit to my little blog.
Candace in Athensx

Yiota said...

Oh, I love this last picture of the moors! It's like a painting. Forgotten pictures have a certain charm. Like when we had films to develop. I never remembered all the shots and was anxious to see the photos!
Have a great week!

Anairam said...

What a case of synchronicity! I just saw District 9 last night. It is a South African movie - I thought it was quite good although I am not ordinarily a sci-fi or action movie fan. Yes, there is definitely a message in there (also some pointed reminders about our recent past - South Africans will recognise the references.) and a lot of tongue-in-cheek humour. I was wondering how the film would translate for non-South-Africans - some of the humour, especially in the character and speech of old Wikus, might not come across. You have to have known people like that - real 70's style Pretoria "staatsdiens amptenare" (Pretoria civil servants) I think Wikus vd Merwe is my new hero!

Sarah said...

District 9 is not out here yet-I just liked the phonebox! I look forward to it!

Allegra Smith said...

Isn't that amazing what technology afford us these days? Within a discreet little phone there is another possibility to go about seeing the world and capture the moment. Whimsy and beauty are exposed just with a click. No lens to adjust, no depth of field to contend to, click! memory in a jar!

I truly like to see what attracts your eye. Nothing boring, that's for sure. Very interesting photos.

Renee said...

I love when I get to look through your eyes out on to your world.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures!