Monday, 31 August 2009

Bird Faces

I have just remembered-when we left the service station-where this photo was taken, somehow we ended up not going onto the motorway again, but down a strange single track lane, with a speed bump about every 10 metres, which was brightly outlined in white paint. The lane turned into another, slightly less narrow and more pretty, with little houses-some immaculate and some ramshackle. The whole of this lane was strewn with pears and sloes. We managed to find the motorway again-about two miles before where we had come off it. It was a bit twilight zoneish.
Today was a bank holiday but we didn't fancy going out-we went out yesterday-on a bit of a wild goose chase, looking for a lovely beach I thought was there which we never quite found.
Oh well.
The good thing about today has been delicious food prepared by Andy-he is such a good cook! I have been tidying, rearranging knick knacks and finishing a few things.
I love rearranging things-I have changed the cover on the sofa to two woolly ones and managed to make my stuffed Jay actually sit on my painted branch! He looks most pleased with himself.
Then I was taking a few photos of this and discovered the sepia setting on my camera. Then some extra bright flash. I really should have camera lessons and then I would know what I was doing. I found this site on stumble upon the other day which is really good if you are feeling a bit listless-it is quite fun! Don't be put off by the initial page which made me feel a bit woozy. Some of the pages are interactive and some not.

Lily relaxing on her holidays.


Anairam said...

Oh wow! Your birds with faces are truly works of art! Did you make them for an exhibition? I see in my mind's eye an installation - an entire room filled with them - fantastic!! (PS Yes, my journal is just an old book that I found at the car boot sale. It is the first art journal I started so I feel that I should at least fill it up (I've filled about a third of the pages). For the next one I'll use a proper journal though with paper one can actually draw on - the pages of this book are quite old and funny to draw or paint on. I like how it looks though.

Sonia ;) said...

Your such a free spirit. You always look and see your world around you with such innocent eyes. I love the pictures you take always makes me look again also.


Tracy said...

A very fun post, Sarah, and fun way to enjoy a Bank Holiday weekend...with all sorts! Love the birds, and just thrilling to all the little details in the photos here--wonderful! Happy Days :o) ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

I like the style of Lily's holidays.
Know what you mean about the camera lessons. My favourite setting is 'partial shade' on the daylight conditions- makes everything a more vibrant colour. (Mine's a Kodak crapomatic digital.)Took me ages and hundreds of rubbish photos to find out there were settings, and an er...instruction booklet.

Candace said...

Oh my goodness, I agree with Anairam about an exhibition re: these birds!
Some of your very best and most ingenious work, Sarah, and I really enjoy looking them over.

Lily knows how to get it on for the holidays, doesn't she? LOL. Sometimes I think four legged friends are every bit as smart if not smarter than the two legged variety.
Take care!
Candace in Athens

Allegra Smith said...

Lily is a girl after my own heart. Resting but you know she is completely aware of what is going on, such a placid expression, I could swear she is smiling...
Your birds are gorgeous, and the sepia photo takes me back to a gentler time. I adore color as you know, yet there are time that the true dialogue can only be spoken in sepia or black and white.

Elegantly quiet, filled with art and little surprises as one moves around. The definition of comfort in my book.

steven mcvay said...

i abso bloody lutley love them birds...soo brilliant.. x

Sarah said...

Thanks everyone-I really appreciate all of your lovely comments!

Renee said...

Sarah you are like me, I would rather clean than cook any day.

Love Renee xoxo

About me said...

How amazing are the little birds...I love them..
... and your home looks so warm and cosy just ready for everyone to cuddle up on winter evenings

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! I love the birds with the faces on them!