Monday, 12 August 2013

To Bellingham!

View from our high hotel room. I am happy to be up high as long as I feel there is no danger of accidentally sleepwalking out of the window at night, and this room fitted my criteria. (I have not sleep walked since I was about 15 so it is an irrational fear) 
 This pretty wall is hidden up on the roof of one of the highrise buildings we could see. I used my spy camera to zoom in. I wonder if there is a garden behind the grey wall. It seems there should be or what would be the point of the pretty wall?
 I spotted the slide then zoomed in to see the classroom. A home from home nursery in the city. I bet the slide is Little Tikes. I love their toys. They are virtually indestructible and have safety conscious rounded edges. Well done Little Tikes!

 Linda Sue's flowers squashed against my leg. I had already had a disaster where I spilled half the water keeping them fresh and knocked over my delicious coffee. I wasn't about to risk another one!

 The front of American lorries are very different to U.K. ones. They remind me of big dog's faces.
 Belingham, the ham said with a hard 'h'. Andy was at first saying 'Bellinjam' (like a place near where he grew up spelled the same way) and I was saying 'Bellingam' with a hard 'g'. We soon corrected our English ways!
 We were on Interstate 5, or I-5 as the newsreader traffic woman said in the morning. This is the best picture I managed of the sign despite many tries! Andy was excited to be on this road as he has a 'Wedding Present' t-shirt with this very sign on it as it is one of their songs. We were not driving South though but North. (I have just noticed that it helpfully says that on the sign) That I know this is impressive as my grip on Geography is very shaky.
Once arrived and settled in,  Linda Sue and Stella took us for a Big Mama! The largest Margarita you have ever seen! Mmmm!


Leenie said...

Wise to take a bus when you do I-5. It can take you to and long past your destination. Happened to us often, even when we lived near it. The people who drive it every day do it in their sleep. The rest of us need tranquilizers. That Big Mama would probably help you get over any jitters you acquired on the trip. (wow!)

frayedattheedge said...

My goodness Sarah - I don't pop in for a couple of days, and then when I do,there is so much to look at!! (I was slightly confused at first by skyscrapers in Bellingham!). What a fabulous holiday. The fruit and veggies look wonderful (Hawick market on a wet Saturday morning doesn't quite look the same!). I love the pig shaped van, and the big American trucks.
Anne x

elizabeth said...

This is so thrilling - that you actually got to meet Linda Sue!
Did you meet Dexter?
I really look forward to hearing and seeing all your West Coast adventures.

Rattling On said...

I'm loving all your photos and you look to be having a whale of a time! Not jealous or anything...