Sunday, 11 August 2013

Pike Place Market

Andy had been looking forward to going to Pike Place Market since we booked our flights. If he had been able to he would have bought lots of fish I think! It is famous for fish throwing mongers which we just saw a little of before we left but there are good you tube videos to watch. When downstairs waiting for Andy in a badge and coin shop, I overheard a bit of a tour, where the guide was telling how the flower sellers used to be under the fish sellers. The fishy water from the stalls gradually rotted the floor boards, dripping onto the flower stalls. It was renovated in the forties and the problem sorted out! Now the fish and the flowers are on the top floor and other shops and caf├ęs on the bottom floor. It is a very picturesque market. I especially liked all the signs. After Lynne asked if there are neon lighting courses I looked and found what looks like a good one which I am putting here for future reference. Maybe I will use on of my monthly two days off to do one. One of the things that blogging does is makes me look into things a little more than I would maybe do otherwise. Interesting history of the market here. 

 A sense of humour is displayed in the toilet sign. They are all running and the Dad is holding the baby out as if he has a very smelly nappy indeed!
 This photo is the result of bad light and what looks like a dirty lens, but you never know, there may just be ghosts in those white smudges!
 All bright and healthy. I especially like the multi-coloured potatoes.

 I like dolls but even I find ventriloquist's dummies spooky! I have never seen them for sale anywhere before.

On the way back to the hotel we saw this pig van. It sells sausages unsurprisingly.


Linda Sue said...

Oh WOW! Sarah, your photos , Seattle though your eyes, GREAT! A place so familiar looks exotic and fabulous, as though I have never seen it before. Great shots! Your camera and you are a very good pair!

Tracy said...

VERY exciting to catch up with you Sarah and see about your adventures in America!! :o) I've not been to Seattle/Portland yet, and long to go... Love to see it all from your creative perspective. Happy Days aboard! ((HUGS))