Wednesday, 14 August 2013


On a scale completely different to the UK, Thrift stores in America-well Bellingham anyway, are huge! Warehouses rather than cosy little high street shops. For a hardened and regular charity shopper such as myself it was quite incredible. I visit my local shops very regularly as you never know what you will find. To do that with shops this size is a considerably longer affair. Charity fun! Weirdly I probably found about the same number of things to take home as I would here, or maybe I was being good as I had to carry them on a plane. 
 The furniture is very cheap and some of it quite good.
 Andy took this and the first photo. Not sure if this sign was outside a thrift store but it fits!
 Helpful colour coordinating. The best charity shop near me for clothes does this and it makes it look so much better than a mish mash of colours, and also, easier to find things.
 I have been to Fort William in Scotland. This jacket had travelled from there somehow. It was lovely soft wool and a gorgeous green, but unfortunately just a bit too big.
 Right hand girl has not got her book. Perhaps left hand girl will read to her.
 I like crochet. I like dolls. I don't like this! What is it anyway? If a doll then it is limited by its shape to being rolled along and babies don't roll.. If a cushion then the doll's face is in your back.
P.J. the cat slept peacefully in this cage in the Humane Society shop. If I lived there I probably would have taken him home.
As it was I couldn't do that, so contented myself with a weird assortment of finds. The suitcase I packed them all in came from Goodwill too, and attracted the attention of Homeland Security, hence this polite notice with my broken lock taped to it with special security tape!


Linda Sue said...

Your camera makes thing look so much better than they actually are! That crochet head thing is frightening, however... bigger and more is not better! So much junk here that you have to train your eye to see anything even remotely OK. It's crazy and kuddos to Andy for being such a good sport!

Jenny Woolf said...

Thrift stores usually have such treasures. I often like the furniture in them better than more modern stuff!