Tuesday, 27 August 2013


The signs are all from our holiday, apart from the first which is the back of a lorry I was behind the other day. The lorry is carrying scaffolding, which is, I suppose, an access solution.

Isn't this model lovely? It is the miniature version of a shop, shown below. I especially like the way the trees are made. You can just see the mini shop to the right of the big one.

 Is the party over? Does someone not want the party? The term 'Block Party' is so American!
Linda Sue stopped so that I could take this photo. I wonder what the 'Things' are?
 In fact, Linda Sue stopped for me to take the next two pictures too. She knows I like signs!

 This is the notice board in Lynden, where we went to the best charity shop. Full of church ladies gossiping about local matters, and where I bought a small table football for $3! We had lunch at the marvellously named 'Dutch Mothers' restaurant.
 I think this shop is...OPEN! 
 Nothing more dangerous than an active driveway.

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Leenie said...

Linda Sue's part of the world is so full of unique and cleverness. People there don't seem to be too concerned about fitting in or marching in step. I really like the signs you caught, especially the big eye in the window.