Monday, 19 August 2013

Nooksack Falls

Blogger will not upload my bird videos. I have not had this particular problem before but I have now! Nearing the end of my holiday blogs now. It was such a good holiday that it has taken me two weeks so far to talk about it!

Linda Sue's friend Stella took us to Nooksack Falls, an 88 feet high waterfall near to Mount Baker. It is an impressive sight, and carefully fenced off to prevent inadvertent death on the rocks below. However, some people over the years have insisted on climbing over the fence to get a better view, which they may have done as they plunged down onto the rocks below.
It is the sort of place where, as you get out of your air-condidtioned car, you realize that air can be that fresh, and woods do smell that good. The colours of the icy water, the yellow-green lichen, the dark trees and the blue sky all go together to make a perfect scene. The giant slugs aside, it is a lovely place to visit! (As long as my hand-the slug)

We had lunch in Glacier, just down the road. The ski fence illustrates the main sport in the winter around here.
I loved this combination of signs. I think frankness in signs is a good thing but these two together are a bit confusing!
A pun on this airstream caravan made it all the more photoworthy. 'Hairstream' is a travelling hairdressers. The hairdresser was happy for us to take photos inside. The lady having her hair dyed was originally from Bournemouth in the U.K. and told us we must go up Mount Baker.
After our trip, Stella took us back to her house on the lake where she and her husband, and for Andy, some neighbours, were all very hospitable. Andy got to sample locally caught crab and lots of different beers. We were more sedate with some tasty Margaritas. Stella lives on the edge of a lake and it is so beautiful to have that calming view as you sit on her porch.

Her garden is very pretty and puts mine to shame!
The best shot I managed of an eagle all the holiday. We saw quite a few but getting a photo of one is hard!

Stella modelling her special Queen goblet, a find in the thrift store earlier in the week!
Stella's husband told us all about the animals in the local area, and how, even though you may be very nice to them, a racoon will never like you! He assured me that there would be a bear within half a mile of the house, up in the woods. No good for me though as I can't see it there!

Thank you Stella for a lovely day!


Linda Sue said...

Beautiful shots Ms, Shutterbug! Lovely all! I love to see what you see when we go to the same place, how you notice things that I do not. I, too have had difficulty putting videos on blog- some days it s works and most day it does not. The clouds are rolling in, it may soon be time to go back to the studio and put things together for the festival of lights- Please come! Bring your wonderful cloth dolls and we will share a booth! What a great idea! You failed to mention the redneck crabsmorebrokendeck talking to Andy and saying nothing. hahaha

Queenie Believe said...

A lakeside holiday, lovely!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Stella said...

You're welcome. Come back soon!

Linda Sue said...

"Nooksack" is a funny name!

jabblog said...

What wonderful places and views, so immense one can hardly take it in. How lovely to live by a lake - always something happening.

Tracy said...

WOW... Just love all of this! So many great places and people you've been meeting, Sarah! I like the idea of boiling all of life & possession down to just living in an AirStream caravan! :o) Thanks for stopping by my place ((HUGS))