Friday, 16 August 2013

The Birds

Kekapie (not sure if either of those are the right spelling)
Kekapie has come to stay at Linda Sue's house with Pikachu. He is in love with him and follows him round with great fascination for whatever he is doing. Above he is peeking into Pikachu's power base-or the book case as we may think of it. They have been developing a nest down there, chewing through books and a wicker basket to make it.
I am getting this look in the eye because this is the morning I approached holding some cake. It was a kind of nutty and fruity cake and was of great interest to the birds. They both had some of their own to try later. Up until this point they had been quite suspicious of me, and, as you can see, Pikachu still remains aloof!
Beautiful birds need a mirror in which to admire themselves. Kekapie soon joined in.

Here they are in their playground, a specially constructed area just over the way from their cages, with tasty donuts (cheerios) and the cake I was talking about.
These two birds are just so sweet and funny. They are usually doing something and have such a cute way of moving around. Love them! I will put a film of Kekapie singing soon-he is learning a song from the internet!


Linda Sue said...

Awww, they are so cute! They are having a good time- I thought they might like a rice cracker, they tried it and said NO!

jabblog said...

They are so beautiful - looking forward to the video:-)

Leenie said...

Linda Sue's house is a critter friendly place. That's probably why I enjoyed my visit there. She feeds you good and makes sure you're comfy, tells you lies about how good you look and doesn't mind too much if you make a mess.

Rattling On said...

I used to have a budgie, I took it when someone else tired of him. Wouldn't dare now as the cats would have a field day!

snoopydog said...

Oh my goodness Sarah! I've not popped in over the last two weeks, as we have been away; nowhere anywhere nearly as exciting as where you've been though! I've just finished reading through the posts. Amazing!!!! Glad you had a good time. Ros

Tracy said...

Beautiful creatures! Reminds me when we had a budgie as a child... :o) Glad you're having a good time away, Sarah ((HUGS))