Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Daytrip to Battlesbridge

My friend and I visited a new place the other day. I think I found it when I was googling something about doll sellers in Kent. It is called Battlesbridge and is in Essex, not too far the other side of the Dartford tunnel. There are loads of roadworks on that section of road at the moment but without those it would only take 45 minutes to get there. It is a great place! Full of interesting old buildings which are full of antiques and crafts. More antiques than crafts I would say, but a whole range of stuff and prices so something for everyone. I can't believe I have never heard of it!
 In addition to the exciting shopping possibilities, it is a beautiful and peaceful place. Lots of old barges which are very run down. I immediately wanted to live there.
 Then we saw a Little Egret. I have only seen one of these once, though they are becoming more common I think. It is not a very good photo as I only had my phone.

 Lots of little interesting buildings.

 Great signs.

 Dragons and Devils.


 A mystery...
 which I solved.
 I loved the colours in this pile of boxes.
 These drawers are just what I need! I don't think they were for sale and they would not fit in my flat anyway, but I still need them.
 A fairy garden in development. (For Stella!)

 Two views from the top of the Granary building. The last photo looks as if I have photo-shopped a filter onto it, but it is just a dirty window!


Kat Mortensen said...

Sorry for being absent for a few days; I scratched my already dry eye on Sunday and was totally out of commission.

I love your photos, and I can just imagine you delightedly snapping at every turn. I do that too!

I think the coloured box header is gorgeous!

elizabeth said...

What a treasure trove!
I grew up in Essex so this brought it all home.

Linda Sue said...

Oh my goodness! I do not know how I missed three posts- but I did! LOVE Hastings, and the signs, and especially Essex! Thank you for such a wonderful trip to somewhere and another somewhere. Excellent adventure! - Mystery solved, I think they are grateful, It can't have been easy under a heavy veil of turquoise for who knows how long!
YES, the fairy garden, Stella would like to have that please.