Saturday, 10 August 2013

Seattle in the Evening

Nine hours later and we landed in Seattle. I have only been to the States once-to New York a long time ago, and Andy has never been. So we were both excited about our arrival and looking forward to exploring. We walked down to the waterfront which was much further away than it looked!
 If I still did Shadow Shot Sunday this would be perfect.
From our hotel on 6th Avenue we walked down and down until we came to this flyover. Under here and across the road is the waterfront area. Lots of touristy shops, homeless people, seaside restaurants, a fire station, horse and carriage rides and a big wheel.

 I don't know why this bear is here but I liked him.
 We walked along until we came to signs for Pike Place Market, then we started to climb up. We planned to visit the market in the morning.
 Gravity defying lighting man.
 Mural by local artist Billy King.
 Detail of the gum wall, a fascinatingly disgusting attraction in Post Alley in the market. The wall started in the early nineties and after a few attempts at removing the gum it was allowed to remain. Recently though, it has become too big and has been partly washed off. What a horrible job! I am afraid I just couldn't bring myself to add to it-maybe I should have done but looking was enough, touching seemed a step too far!

 Arty poster wall.
 I want this seat! Like a 1920s underground station seating Father Christmas Sleigh. Beautiful, whimsical, metal and useful. Perfect!
 I loved this viewing area. The colour of the paint, the sunlight and shadows and the wooden leaning shelf.

 Andy took more photos than ever before on a holiday. Must download them!
 I think this is a sign for people going on a boat to Canada. I liked it for being short and to the point. 
 Love neon signs. That is a course I would like to do, learning how to make them. It can't be that hard surely?!

A street scene on the way back to the hotel. I like the way the light has come out so glowing yellow. I was actually photographing up the alley, although it didn't come out. Up the alley Police were busy apprehending a man who had just walked up the street not far ahead of us, wielding a big metal pole and smashing the back or front windscreens of every car he passed. He was very angry about something. The police arrived quickly and I expect it was all sorted out in the end. A bit of drama added to our walk thanks to angry man.


Leenie said...

You followed the sun all the way to LindaLand! The Puget Sound area is a world apart. We lived in Tacoma for a while and loved the green, accepted (and sometimes cursed)the rain. Looks like you did well on your self-guided tour of Seattle.

Linda Sue said...

Seattle- peculiar city- glad you did not get mugged and that you managed to find some interesting places your first evening.
Leenie said it- a world apart- feels like an oasis in the madness that is the USA. Seattle is kind of creepy, especially the gum wall and the man bashing car windows- that sort of thing.The cab drivers are very nice, I have found. Wise to not drive your own car in Seattle.
Can't wait till you get here! Come soon!

Lynne said...

Lots of interesting photos.
Are there courses for making neon lighting?