Saturday, 29 August 2015

More York

More photos of lovely York. A random selection of ones I like. 
 We walked into town along the river one day. All the houses have pretty secure looking flood gates as the water rises really high when it floods there.
 Heading into Duttons for Buttons, the best named shop I have seen. We didn't buy anything in the end, tempting though it was, but Clare wanted to show us the recently discovered medieval attic.

 Loved the way this cat is depicted. 
 This name means 'What a street!'
 This man overlooks the river at the back of a strange junk warehouse. 
 Pretty market stall.
 Gary outside the doll shop. 
 Sad Steiff bear.
 We had lunch in a cafe/deli called The Hairy Fig. Great salad and gruyere toastie plus amazing array of vinegars and licorice.
 The time to be happy is now, the place to be happy is here! 
 On the Minster this face reminds me of the lion from the Wizard of Oz.
 A cat and a dog on some houses near the railway. 
 In the cafe awaiting our breakfast. Everywhere you look there is another lovely place to eat and drink!
 Also in the cafe. 
 Graceful cup, delicious coffee. 
 Some views from the wall. 


snoopydog said...

Hello there! I feel like I have been gone for far too long, when in reality it has only been a very short time. I've enjoyed catching up on your summer visits. I love York and know it pretty well, but love the fact you have such a keen eye to snap interesting and curious stuff! Lovely! Ros

Steve Reed said...

Yes! Duttons for Buttons! I photographed the same place when I was in York a couple of months ago!