Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Time for Your Close-Up

Cassie is scared of many things, including the doorbell ringing, unexplained knocking, humans wearing donkey ears and the sight of me putting up the metal clothes drier. She is not afraid of a camera though, and makes an easy subject as she is relaxed no matter how close I get to her. Tiger doesn't mind either. Lily, for some reason, scarpers as soon as I even pick up the case. I think she is scared of the zoom! 


Neighborhood Watch said...

Stripey cats like these are my favorite. Sadly, my husband is allergic. I love the pictures in your last post--all those ornamental animals. I think you would find kind people in a place like that.

snoopydog said...

Just beautiful!!! Cats make very lovely photo material! :-) Ros x