Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Mini Holiday

We had a long weekend in York, where we were staying with our friends, who have recently moved up there. It was a relaxing time, with walks, pubs, cafes and a little light, craft based shopping. I took loads of photos, so have divided them into different categories. This post is the local area, near where our friends live. Beautiful houses and interesting quirky gardens, hedges, fences and windows. 

I love the caterpillar hedge!
This is the Burton Stone. The holes were apparently filled with vinegar during the time of the plague so money could be exchanged safely. Before that it was thought to have been the base of a cross which formed a city boundary marker. It is at the end of Burton Stone Lane where our friends live. It looks like a giant skull.

This is such a beautiful house. We walked past it each day. It looks very French to me.
Here's the caterpillar again! The features are pieces of plastic. 
An angel in a window near the football ground. 


Steve Reed said...

Ha! The caterpillar is great! I didn't see the Burton Stone while I was there, though I wish I had. You must have been in a different part of town!

elizabeth said...

Such a lovely place to visit!
I have never been and would love to go.