Monday, 3 August 2015

Happy Pictures

A selection of pictures from the last few weeks, without a particular theme except that they are pictures that make me happy. 
 The sundial in the garden-it is surrounded by honeysuckle which I love the scent of.
 Cassie about to take a daredevil leap onto the wall and then roof. She gets up there then meows at me to get her down. Her old route back to the ground has been interrupted by the building work next door. She can get down by taking a massive leap onto our decking but she doesn't like to.

 A couple of the Eid cards the year two children made. They used brusho to make the backgrounds and brusho always cheers me up! Messy but gorgeous.

 Above, a sky that looks like water, and below one that looks like feathers. 
 The sunflowers are from the children at the Bethnal Green school. They lasted for over a week. They are so cheerful. I like the yellow against the purple background-that is my vintage carrier bag bag. You pop them in the top and take them out of the bottom. We don't get that many carrier bags any more though so it is usually a bit empty.
 The self-seeded buddleia in the garden. It is in front of the pond. I love it!
 A ginger cat in a wild alley just up the road. I saw it on the way to school one morning.
 One of my Mum's birthday cards that looks just like Tiger. 
 This patchwork on the little green chair with the tin typewriter is one of my favourite things to look at.
  Whales, sharks and dolphins on the Arty Party wall.  

 Interesting building details in Blackheath, seen when I walked to get a bus on Friday. 
Last but not least, have you seen Mouses Houses? If not you should! The artist is called Maggie Rudy and she is amazing. She makes tiny mouse filled scenes and little films which are just beautiful. She has written books with her characters too.


Linda Sue said...

It looks like you managed to fix the typewriter...So cute! I love the photos of Cassie, prize winners! And YES, Mouses houses is a favorite!!!

Sarah said...

All it took to fix was pressing the round bit down! Unless I prodded something else by mistake. I bought a toy seeing machine from that shop on Saturday but that is for Etsy I think!

Shell said...

These are great pictures especially of daredevil Cassie. The budelia is quite lovely too.