Friday, 7 August 2015

Unexpected Treats

A vintage wedding party in Rochester High Street on Saturday.
 A left for dead Amaryllis which had a resurgence.

 The stamens are really bright green which does not show here-but you can imagine it. 
 A fluffy evening sky...
...and a pink one the next day.
 A doll which was in the bin outside one of the charity shops I took books to today. She is perfect. I would not normally choose this kind of doll but I couldn't leave her in the bin, so here she is on the kitchen table.
 I was flicking through books last week to check I had not left bookmarks in them, and found £10 in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'! Always check your books! I have since lost it again-I kept moving it around and can't remember where I last put it. Still has the tenner in it-obviously it does not want to be spent!
The last surprise was a day off from Arty Party today. I have done two weeks and have one more to go. I am enjoying it but am missing my sorting out time that usually happens in the summer. I made up for it a little today though. I took the rest of the books to the charity shops, sorted two areas of the sitting room and cleared the kitchen table of many projects. I completed a Music Magpie order of DVDs and took them to the parcel shop-three boxes! I also cleaned everywhere apart from the bathroom. (Tomorrow's job) I watched two films, one called 'The Devil Inside' about exorcism-scary but quite good, and the other called 'Quarantine' (Two), also scary but quite good. I think I will have a break from de-cluttering tomorrow!


Linda Sue said...

You have done well, Cricket! LUCKY to run into a wedding in Rochester! Lucky to have gone to Rochester at all, did you stop in on our favorite couple? You are amazing- you must have more hours in your day than any one else, you get so much done! Also you always seem to find space for yet another "thing", Love the stunning blossom - good save! I need your organizational skills!

Sarah said...

Yes we did-Judy sold me a toy seeing machine for, you guessed it, ten pounds-she would not come down from that! Other than that I was pretty good, well, fairly!