Friday, 28 August 2015

Whitstable on a Rainy Afternoon

I visited Whitstable on Tuesday with my friend. We have not been there for ages so it was fun to wander around. It is pretty and has some good shops, including the one below which is called 'Whit Knits'. It also has a very well stocked stamping and die cutting craft shop. I found a great product called 'Inka Gold' which is just like Buff-it that I love, and comes in loads of colours. I was restrained and only bought three! 
I took lots of photos so here are quite a few of them!

 Sad little house.

 In the house above I could see a window of trapped bears. 
Most of the shop signs are hand painted, which is a pleasant change to the norm. I have signed up for a week long sign writing course in January next year so maybe someone in Whitstable will be able to give me a job!

 This little dog was very friendly. I know you shouldn't touch dogs you don't know but I felt he was not threatening and I was right! He put his paws on my arms and looked at me lovingly. I hope he didn't have to wait for his person for too long.
 I like the broom heads, but not the sign in the window!
We are off to Sheppey tomorrow. Two seaside visits in one week-can't be bad!


Linda Sue said...

OH YES Whitstable! So white! Cute little place and you have taken some wonderful photos! I do hope that you went into the many little charity shops there! I love the places that you found while walking around!

Steve Reed said...

Umm...that's a LOT of bears. :)