Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Just a few (!) photos from our long weekend. We went to the island of Mallorca, and stayed not far from Palma. It was lovely! We were lucky enough to be upgraded to a family room which was on the terrace just above the beach. The weather was perfect, the water was warm, Palma was beautiful and it was a lovely thing to do on the last weekend of the holiday as there was no time to fret about going back to work. I have chosen some of my many photos from around the place. Not much explanation needed really!
The view from our room.

 Steps to the Cathedral with these green man water fountains.

 A massive cruise ship that was pulling into Palma as we watched from near the cathedral. It just looks like a building has been placed dangerously on a boat.




 This was one of the few cats we saw. It sat on this light near a restaurant and was lit up. I wonder if the light was warm.

We had an interesting trip back, surrounded by this very posh family who had four children, two of whom were well behaved and two of whom were not. One of the not so well behaved children was a little boy of about three. He was very clearly and well spoken and was asking lots of clever questions such as why was the plane going backwards? ( We were reversing to go to the runway.) Instead of answering him his Mum basically told him to be quiet, so he kept repeating the question more and more loudly. Shortly after this she said to him ''Soon you will go to school, and your teachers will ask you to sit down and be quiet!'' Well you can imagine my thoughts at this point. I was extremely tempted to turn around and let her know that before I asked him to sit down and be quiet (!) I would praise him for asking such good questions! I didn't though! He was a very interesting child. They all had great names which I made a note of on my phone in case I ever want to write a short story about them! 
Work has not yet managed to spoil my holiday mood though it came close. The morning was related to planning but was a bit of a repeat of things we did last term so I could have been doing something more useful instead. The afternoon was spent trying to clear up the dirty heap of stuff that has been dumped moved into the new classrooms. I went for a pizza with my friend in Blackheath after work and that was nice. I am going to try to go in early tomorrow so I can get something useful done before yet more inset, involving things I have done before. 


Linda Sue said...

What a fabulous quick holiday, Ms. Get Around! Stunning shots- loved them ALL and am hungry for more! Beautiful place and your photos are superb! makes me feel as though I have been somewhere! Thank you.
That mother sounds like she must need a four day nap- such a crank! Three year old boys are wonderful.
Fingers crossed for this year- your work. Not off to a brilliant start. Time to put your bossy pants on.

Leenie said...

Jealous, jealous, jealous!

Janine said...

Oh how wonderful! I am also jealous!

frayedattheedge said...

I'mm glad you enjoyed Majorca - I remember showing you photos of our holiday there, when you visited us!
I often think it's the parents that need a slap, not the children (metaphorically, not literally!)

Aparna Bose said...

beautiful pictures

A Magical Whimsy said...

You have a very intriguing blog...and I enjoyed viewing the photos of your trip. And I thought only America had graffiti! Thank you for the arm chair travelog.
Very charming...
Teresa in California

A Magical Whimsy said...

No wonder J.K. Rowling used Majorca as the travel spot for Aunt Marge...