Friday, 13 September 2013

Heron in a Carpark

I had to pop to the shops after work the other night to get creative area and mark making area storage boxes. As I pulled into the carpark I was amazed to see this Heron just wandering around. He had been pecking at a fast food bag and I thought he would fly off as soon as I got out of the car so I took a couple of pictures from there. I got out and watched him and he wandered around behind a bush quite casually and as I went around the other side just stood there not looking bothered by me at all. I tried to walk a bit closer and he did then fly off-to the roof of KFC! He was still there 15 minutes later when I came out of the shop. 
If you would like to see some Herons in their more normal habitat then visit Anne here, here or here.
Though having said that, this one is not far from marshland, large ponds and the river. He is just a bit confused by the temptation of chips which I can sympathize with!


Linda Sue said...

As you know we have many herons here but none that defy the Colonel with such and in-your-face bird flipping. Photos are fabulous and sassy, i like that bird!

Kat Mortensen said...

This makes me kind of sad, Sarah.

Anairam said...

So even herons go for fast food these days ...

Leenie said...

A heron ready to poop on Colonel Sanders. Good for him.

snoopydog said...

Oh my goodness! Can his normal food source be scarce or are these beautiful birds lured by the throw aways of Man. Such a shame! Ros
P.S. Hope the start of term has gone well!

Patty said...

I see so many herons here in Smithfield, Va. It makes me sad
that they're tempted by the likes
of KFC! All the same, they are alive
and must eat. I do hope we come
awake before all is KFC, MacD's, etc, and awful etc.

Herons link the water to the air.
Take care!