Monday, 23 September 2013

Little Films

Time lapse housework.
Spitfire flypast.
Cassie playing. I sorted all my wool out yesterday. Cassie likes to help with these sorts of jobs.


Linda Sue said...

and the award goes to....CASSIE, Best cat in a video!
Best actress goes to, SARAh, for her role in "Inside the House"
yay, clap clap clap!!!

Leenie said...

Even with a brief spell in front of the t.v. you get your housework done with amazing speed! The Spitfire was impressive but I'm voting with Linda Sue. First place to Cassie.

Carole Reid said...

A night at the movies.....thanks Sarah!

jabblog said...

I like the housework video - I'd like to do my housework that fast . . .

I've just started knitting again and was remarking that the cats had not interfered when Herschel chewed through the wool I was knitting.

Sarah said...

Delicious wool!

Deal said...