Monday, 16 September 2013

A Quiet Sunday

My pajamas were still on at one o clock, though I was doing things such as washing. When I finally got dressed we popped to Greenwich like we so often do. It was near packing up time in the market but there were still some traders there despite the rain. It has been monsoon like at times today. 
We wandered back to the car a different way and I spotted this hand-painted sign. I like the name, the style of lettering and the shadows under the letters. Nearly as good a name as Mermaid St in Rye.
On Saturday I found the cake slice for £2 in a charity shop. It has a sharp stainless steel blade and a silver handle. I wanted a cake slice and this is a good one! So I had to cheat and buy a cake as there was no time to make one. I had to then get out the pretty cups and plates to take a photo. Silly I know but fun.
 Later on I watched part of the film about the Morgans whilst quilting my small piece of patchwork. I have a wish to do hand sewing at the moment as I love that slow process which contrasts so much with the rush of life now I am back at school.
 Cassie enjoyed this box which was not big enough to get into, but with a bit of unfolding and squashing made a good tunnel and weird bed. I have got to take her to the vets tomorrow as she has this weird wheezy cough which she has had for a little while but which has got more frequent and worse. Of course, I scared myself by looking up information on the internet about possible causes last night so am a bit worried. She hasn't done it this evening. Wish me luck!


elizabeth said...

Loved this post!
Circus Street is a wonderful 'ghost' image.
For a moment I thought you meant the cake cost two pounds a slice.....too much.
Cat picture super too.

Leenie said...

Well done on the purchase of the cake server! I love to find something so nice at a great price; and a great excuse to buy cake as well. Love the quilt and love the guilty look on Cassie's face--getting caught in the box. :0D

Chirasree Banerjee said...

I really like the small piece of patchwork. In this era of rush, hand sewing at a slow pace is indeed a lovely thought.

Shell said...

Your plates are so pretty. Reminds me that I have to get more beautiful tea plates and cup sets.

Queenie Believe said...

I hope all goes well with Cassie the pretty fur baby.
Hand stitching is always and wonderful respite from the world for me too, enjoy.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie