Saturday, 7 September 2013

A poodle cloud, a wicker head, sugar faces and a cat in a box.

The cloud was this afternoon, the head came in the box today and the sugar faces are an idea from Kirstie Allsop that I saw the other night and had to try immediately. You get a mug of sugar, add a teaspoon of water and mix until it is evenly distributed. It really is only a tiny amount of water and the sugar just looks a little damp. Add a tiny amount of food colouring and mix. Press into your mould and leave overnight to dry. I turned them out on a baking tray by putting the tray over the top and carefully turning. It is a bit messy. The smaller more compact shapes worked best. The noses were still not dried and I ruined a couple but the ones I left alone dried out fine.


Relyn Lawson said...

Those sugar faces are such fun. Plus, I love that you had face molds handy.

jabblog said...

I really like the wicker head - very classy. (and of course, I love Cassie in the box - it is Cassie, isn't it?)

Sarah said...

I just happened to have bought some moulds in a charity shop two days before-lucky timing!

Yes it is Cassie-she is the box lover!