Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Brought to you by the colour green...

We have nearly done all of our home visits now. I do get a bit tired of saying the same things over and over again, but I don't get tired of wandering around Woolwich. People are not always very nice about Woolwich, but it has many interesting areas, buildings and little quirky sights. 
 Green garages to add to my no parking collection.
 The eye of the alligator. I started him last week. He is on a wire armature which does cause some problems as you can't put the felting needle into those parts. it works well to do a sideways movement and move the needle backwards as you do, but this does not work on extremities. I solved the problem by making felt fabric feet. His eyes are attached to a piece of felt fabric which makes them easy to attach.
 I wanted to buy a very small stuffed alligator at Battlesbridge, but by the time I saw him I had spent all my money. So I decided to make my own. He still needs teeth.

 A large piece of ground behind some local flats. Apparently it is used a lot by drug users which is a shame as it would make a perfect Forest School site.
 A useful map in soft greens.
 A small piece of patchwork I am making out of some fabrics we found during the unpacking. My classroom is looking like a classroom instead of a rubbish tip now which is good! I will put some pictures up when it is finished. Everyone has worked really hard to sort everything out.
 Sun in an alley.
 The dark green wall of clocks in a new Woolwich cafĂ©.
 Morrison's are misting salad! I have never seen this done anywhere. It was attracting quite a lot of attention and causing people ( including me)  to put their hands under the mist! It looked beautiful but everything was very wet so your shopping might get a bit soggy.

 Last of all, a picture of an early stage of a recent phone scrabble game. This is the only game I really play. It is much better than scrabble in real time as it is very quick and you don't have to add up your own scores. I took this picture because it was as if the scrabble game was laughing at me. An excess of U's which often are very elusive when I have a Q in my hand, and then the Z too!


Linda Sue said...

The misting thing has been going on in our grocery stores for years! There is a shwoishhh sound and then everything is very drippy! I suppose it is very good for the veggies that are not dead yet. They do stay fresh!
Your critter is very ambitious - wire does present problems but I think it was the right thing for this animal! He looks very cool and not at all frightening. Teeth may make a difference. Good Job!!

Liz said...

I can't remember a time when our grocery stores didn't "water" the veggies. Must be catching on over there now.

Love the alligator! So cute!

elizabeth said...

Super alligator!

jabblog said...

I do like your alligator - beautiful colours.

Kat Mortensen said...

Green is one of my absolutely favourite colours! I adore your 'gator. He's fabulous!

Anonymous said...

I've seen veggies being misted abroad, but not here. I love your alligator - I haven't done any needle felting for ages!