Monday, 2 September 2013

Life Ring

I didn't name this a life ring. My friend came round for a cup of tea, and said that she liked my 'life ring' and I thought that was a good name for it. It says all it needs to around itself. It is needle felted onto polystyrene, a tip from Linda Sue, and it did take a very long time. The font is a circus font I found on pinterest. I love painting lettering, and I found that I also enjoy needle felting it!

 This didn't take a very long time. It is also on polystyrene, but a piece of packaging rather than a bought piece, and it was quick to do.
We just got back from an extra little holiday which was just lovely, but now I am about to go to bed, and in the morning it is back to school! Oh well, it had to happen eventually! I currently feel refreshed and well rested, which will last approximately one day I expect!


Linda Sue said...

I KNOW what a time suck felting is! That life ring is fabulous and worth every hour spent felting it! WOW! Very cool! Love the font so much!
Back to school- I hope this year is great for you, you have so much to offer- and for ANdy- welllll....

jabblog said...

I love your Life Ring - the font is fabulous, very friendly.