Monday, 28 September 2009

Wonders Of The Modern Age and Giveaway News

I am still in awe of computers-and even more of people who understand them! That I can sit on the bed typing words that I can share at the click of a key just amazes me when I stop to think of it. My genius sister diagnosed our many internet connection problems for a new laptop and also made us wireless! She spent an hour and a half of her Saturday doing this so thanks Jane! Now we just have to work out why itunes has totally wiped out the thousands of songs we spent the weekend uploading. Why? Where have they gone? The space on the memory seems to be used still but the list is empty and when we put another CD on, it disappears! Oh well, I am sure we will work it out in due course.
I did the draw for the giveaway yesterday and here are the names the random generator picked.
If you are on the list please send me your address and I will post things as soon as I can. If you are not on the list please send me your address too as I would love to send you a couple of little poladroids! Thanks for entering too.
Tracy of Hey Harriet was drawn for the number bird.
Gabbi of Felinofice was drawn for the pink bird.
Yiota of Shells and Bells and Flowers and Showers was drawn for the Secret Garden.
Anairam of Fra-aing was drawn for the teeny tiny book.
Janice of Jabblog was drawn for the stamps and so was Dawn of Rattling On (I had two lots of stamps!)Lisa of Parallel Botany was drawn for Jackie

P.S.-The glove was on a beach on Guernsey. I liked its bright cheeriness and as I was blogging from the new computer picked it from my flickr photos.


Anonymous said...

Chufffed to bits!!

Yiota said...

Hi Sarah! Thanks so much! I'm so excited!!!!! I'm jumping up and down! I'll e-mail you tomorrow.
Thanks again!

Candace said...

Congratulations everyone! What wonderful treasures and tee tinies you are receiving!

Love love LOVE that photo of the birds and am equally enthralled by that second photo. What the --??? lol.

I understand computer whatsis and gizfizzits. I would love to be able to upload and share Molly's occasional "races" in her sleep, her eyes open and tongue showing, wildly twitching and making these hilarious noises... she sounds like a whooping crane! LOL.

Take care and good luck with everything!
Candace in Athens x

Anairam said...

Oh, goodie, goodie!! I am already loving my teeny tiny little book! Thank you so much, Sarah, and yes, postal details still the same.

parallel-botany said...

Yay, I won something cool!!

jabblog said...

Sarah, thank you so much. I'm really honoured. My email is on my profile (I think) and my name is Janice Cooke - well, it's not really but I had to take my husband's name since he wouldn't take mine . . .
(I really haven't worked out how things work in Blogland . . . so feel free to put me straight . . . ;-)))

Janine said...

Love your birds Sarah!

Gabbi said...

That's so great, thank you so much Sarah!! You just made my dreaded Monday a good day :) I'm going to email you my address right now and I would LOVE to have a face painted/drawn on my bird. That's amazing! Thank you so much again... ♥

Helen McCookerybook said...

Look in your 'Music ' part of the computer and see if the iTunes libraries are still there. I suggest you leave it for a few weeks and when it updates again, you might find your libraries reappear

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah - I agree, computers are amazing! We are so glad we brought the laptop with us - we have been able to e-mail family, do a bit of blogging (speed of connection permitting!) and each evening I have transferred that day's photos from our cameras - we have taken so many we would have needed lots of memory cards to cope !! love, Anne

Lori Saul said...

I just wanted to comment on the beautiful birds in this post Sarah- absolutely stunning! Also your blog banner is new?- so striking and inviting- expressive work!

Sonia ;) said...

Congrats ....Love the birds


Lynne said...

What a lovely giveaway!
I agree with you about computers Sarah, they are the greatest, but when they go wrong, how frustrating they are.
We had wireless but now that we have moved it will need setting up again. So it has been left for the time being.

Hey Harriet said...

I won? Are you serious? Yippeeeeee! I'd love a little face on my birdie if it's not too much trouble! Thank you so much Sarah! You made my day!!! Off to email you my address now. You're awesome! xo

Hey Harriet said...

Hi again Sarah,

Just letting you know that I've emailed you my address via your email link in your blog profile. Thought I'd mention it here in case it wasn't an email account you check regularly :)

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Hello Sara,
THis is an amazing post.

You rocks, Lady? Enjoying... Just dropping by to say "howdy".

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the winners! I am glad that you are enjoying your wireless ability. I hope you figure out what's going on with iTunes. We've never run across that problem.

kendalee said...

I love the glove picture Sarah - so cheerful! Also, wireless - best thing isn't it? Enjoy! :)