Tuesday, 22 September 2009

A Picture Of Things

When I first got to work this morning the sun was streaming into the nursery. I loved the way the table and chairs were lit up.
This is the step ladder I hoiked out of the skip on Sunday. It is unusual because it has a tall handle-like a library step I think. It was a struggle to get it in the car-I should have walked-it was only just down the road! Skip diving-such fun! I have sanded the step and am busy painting then distressing it. Then I have to find somewhere for it to go. Hmmm.

Here are the giveaway things-please leave a comment if you have not already and are at all interested in any of the individual items. Please see the post below for details. I have got two birds. At the moment they are plain, but if you are drawn for a bird I can do a face on it if you would like. There is also a facsimile copy of Jackie magazine from 1975. If you are about my age it is a nostalgic read. Can you see the tiny book? It is on the Secret Garden book-so tiny.
I will do the draw on Saturday.


Anairam said...

That step ladder is a fantastic find - and looks very handy. I don't think we have skips around here - if they are anything like a car boot sale (but free) they sound like I might very well like them very much! (PS I entered your giveaway but on the post below.)

Sonia ;) said...


Love the photos...wow..as always

Sorry been MIA...I would like to be entered in your giveaway...

The Secret Garden is my favorite story...besides Austen, Bronte, and Hemingway. Love the story and garden...and enter me for one of your birds...love them..


Candace said...

Well, if you can find me somewhere along the way, I would so love to be considered for the tee tiny book. LOL.
But anything will do, truly. And if not even, then, hey diddle dee, an artist's life for me!

I love the photos here, Sarah. The orange and yellow in the sunshine just pops out at us, doesni't it? And that stepladder is -- well, I have never seen anything like it, really. ;)

Take care and have a great great week.
Candace in Athens x

Candace said...

Oops. Or a BIRD. Whatever am I thinking??? ha!

Liz said...

I love the step ladder! Great find!

jabblog said...

I used to love the peace and silence of the morning classroom before the hurly-burly of the day started.
Fabulous ladder - I've never tried skip-diving but I know people find wonderful things in them.

Yiota said...

I love the way you play with light in your pictures!
Please count me in for the giveaway! I would even love it if you sent me an envelope with a slip of paper saying 'hi'!

rattlingon said...

I want that stepladder! I used to be fearless up ladders until I almost fell over the 3rd storey bannister while painting a ceiling (I got my foot stuck, fortunately).The handle would have been very useful...

Renee said...

Sarah, I love you.

Thank you for being here for me.

Love Renee xoxo

parallel-botany said...

Oooo, Jackie!!!!

(thanks for the vote of confidence with the red, blue & white. I wondered if the same mental hurdle exists for brits, french, aussies, etc.)