Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Rock Week, Day Two

Rock week part two is very late today-due to other unforeseen tasks and lots of foreseen ones. And all I wanted to do was rock related research.Today's rock stories have come about by chance. I was going to show you a rock I have had for a very long time. I can't remember where I got it from, but I remember how I used it, as inspiration for my one and only go at screen printing. This was when I was still at school-I think in the sixth form. All I did was to draw the rock, and reflect it or rotate it-one or the other! I remember the colours-ice cream yellow and blusher pink-quite horrible really. I thought I had the fabric in my old portfolio-kept in the under stairs cupboard, behind my bike-you get the picture. I don't have the fabric. It is somewhere-possibly even at my Mum's house. However, I did find two other rock related works (to give them too grand a title!)-a drawing with my ramblings around the edge, and a scrawled painting with the words rocks, and its reverse skcor. What I was thinking with either one I have no idea, but they are rock related and are from at least ten years ago, showing my history of rock. That was chance find number two.
Chance find number one, came earlier in the day. I was tidying my books at school, getting rid of a few very old, tatty ones, and rearranging the others in a much more attractive way. I happened across "The Pebble In My Pocket" by Meredith Hooper, illustrated by Chris Coady. Immediately, ROCK WEEK came to mind, so I put it in my bag ready to look at later. It is a really lovely book-which I had no idea was on my shelves! It summarizes, in simple terms, geological history starting from 480 million years ago until today. I love this paragraph near the end.
"Every pebble in the world is different from every other pebble. Every pebble has its own story. Pick up a pebble and you are holding a little piece of the history of our planet."
I also like this explanation of how geological changes occur, over "staggeringly huge" periods of time.
"They are caused by constant tiny events, difficult to see"
There is something lovely about that, and the way it could be applied to changes we want to make in our lives or in the world.
Oh dear, I have rambled on for what seems like 480 million years.
I will stop now, and go to visit other rock people (and other people too!) Visit Graciel here to see more rock stories.
See you tomorrow!


Kasia Blue said...

Your post is super sweet! I love the book analogy :)

Lori Saul said...

Love all the goings-on on your wonderful blog- your shadow shot work is excellent! As for rocks I'm a huge fan - I find tiny worlds of wisdom and history in them and have a rather good collection of ones that have "called" out to me. Wonderful inspiration -thanks!

Graciel @ Evenstar Art said...

Oh, Sarah, your palpable enthusiasm for rocks makes me swoon. :) The lines in that book are simply fabulous! Can't wait to see what you have for tomorrow!

xo, Graciel

Renee said...

So I was saying to Wahid the other day, I think you have pebbles in your pocket and he said they are boulders.

Honestly why have I started on this kick, I know I won't quit until the rocks have been put to bed.

Love Renee xoxo

Renee said...

Sorry, seriously, I must be totally desperate for a laugh.


Candace said...

Sarah, I love rocks and all sort of geologics as well and you just ramble on! Playing catch up is fun. WOW, you have been so busy and I am wishing you great great luck with the Art Doll Quarterly Challenge! Your art is so so unique as is your vision.
It has inspired me as well as others to do more and step outside the box!
That shadow DOES look a bit elephantine, lol.
Take care!
Candace in Athens x

Candace said...

Oh, dear. Let me clarify. I don't think you ramble at all! But if you love something and are excited, go ahead and talk all you like! You go ahead and ramble. LOL.

God knows, I have chatted quite a bit several times on things I love.
Candace x

Anairam said...

aaaaaaarrrghhhh - I have so little time to look at my favourite blogs - missed all kinds of lovely stuff on yours! I like that drawing you've made of rocks with the words scribbled around it (2nd picture), and also the ramblings. Ramblings are good - they give me a little insight in someone else's mind and life. PS Thanks for the Danny Gregory reference - amazing work, I love it! PPS The dvd I watched, two actually: a documentary on Darwin's evolutionary theory, and secondly a warm-hearted South African film called White Wedding. Oh god, and I blush to say, there was a third one as well - a British movie called Red Mercury about, well, red mercury. What is wrong with me?? I watch WAY TOO MANY MOVIES!! (The art journal was left for the next day.)

Anonymous said...

Neat art!

Cool book!

Makes me see that rocks are like people...each one different, multi-faceted, weathering the tests of time, etc.

I'm definitely in the midst of those "constant tiny efforts/events"....

Anonymous said...

What a neat book! And even cooler that you found it at the same time that you are doing rock week!