Saturday, 26 September 2009


Peter DeWit cafe in Greenwich. They do a delicious full English and have lovely colourful chairs! If you look carefully at the top right of the photo you can just about see the bird silhouettes painted on the wall near the counter. I always mean to do some of these at home as it looks good I think.
Lisa of Parallel Botany had a post on red, white and blue last week and I thought of her when I saw these enamel spoons in the market. I love this colour combination too.

This stall is my favourite one in the market. The woman who runs it goes to France regularly and buys all her goods in flea markets there. There are always stuffed animals and birds, small needlepoint pictures, religious items and unusual lamps and kitchen items. I like talking to the stall holder-she is slightly moany but in an interesting way, and, to my mind, she has excellent taste! I have bought a number of things from her over the last few years, though nothing today.
Look at this snake skin! It must be about eight feet long. I wasn't tempted by it, though I did find it interesting. There was a large plastic crow that I resisted as I could not think of a place for it. There was also a wicker dress form which the stall holder claimed was from around 1900. It was beautiful-very delicate, with an absolutely minute waist. It was also £80-and I didn't want it that much!
On the way home we saw these police horses on the way to the Charlton football match. Charlton won-they have had a good streak recently apparently!
I also saw this vast expanse of hoarding, around a site that used to be a garage-about five years ago when I was first driving. Now it is going to be something else-I wonder what?
I am also wondering how long this will stay blank. It is such a tempting expanse, just waiting to be filled with pictures and words-even I am tempted!


Renee said...

Even I would do some kind of lame heart or something on that wall.

I have to say though I love birds an when I saw the one on your banner, I was blown away. It is gorgeous Sarah.

Love Renee xoxo

Gigi said...

Your new header is really lovely, Sarah!

Oh, I so love the Greenwich market! Sounds like a fun outing, and those ladles are great!

xo Gigi

Anonymous said...

I would have had to have that plastic crow...

Candace said...

Lovely post, Sarah! Thanks so much for sharing and I would love to visit that cafe some time. YUMNO. And of course, the birds seal it for me...

I think most of us like that red, white and blue combo -- look at our flags. HA!

And thanks so much for your visit and for being in the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. LOL. I think it will be fun!

Take care.
Candace in Athens x

Hey Harriet said...

Go on! Make your mark on the big blank wall. It's just begging you to! ;)

A fun post. I really like the look of that cafe with the colourful chairs!

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

That's an awesome & colourful café. If I visit there, I would sit the whole day melting the colours in my thoughts.

All pix are gorgeous. Looks you had a fun day.

Happy SS, dear Sara.

Yiota said...

The cafe is very cheerful - perfect for breakfast on a mood day.
The expanse is in serious need of some graffiti!
Have a nice week!

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy looking at your random pictures!

Relyn said...

Oo - I do love all those awesome colorful chairs.