Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Have you ever seen a piece of video art called 'Brontosaurus'? It is of a naked man, dancing wildly in a room-I can't remember if there was music or not, I have a feeling there wasn't. It was in the Tate Modern in a little room for a while. When I saw it, I was visiting with my Mum and I think she was slightly taken aback so we passed quickly through! I quite liked it-there was something touching about his dancing. The reason it was called Brontosaurus is because there was a little toy one perched somewhere in the room. There is a tiny dinosaur perched in the post today, but there the similarities end.
The photo of the poor abandoned and still beautiful house, and the Charlie Chaplin silhouette are both in Woolwich, quite near to where I work. The other photos are from Greenwich. I took one of the buildings at Canary Wharf and it was just crying out to be cropped and made abstract. I want to make a mosaic of abstractly cropped sections of the photo but did not have time tonight!
The domed building is one end of the Greenwich foot tunnel. I have not been through there for years, but the last time I did you were allowed to ride your bike, and now you can't.
On a happy note, one of my favourite shops from the closed part of the market-The Old Bottle Shop, has moved to Trafalgar Road. When I spoke to the lady who owns it before it had to close, she was not at all sure about her future, so I was pleased to see it there and will visit soon.
I have just looked up Brontosaurus and found out it is by Sam Taylor Wood. There is music, he is a very bendy man, I don't think I watched all of it before! I think he is dancing to dance music which strangely goes with the classical music being played. Only watch it if you are not shocked by bendy naked men dancing!


Sonia ;) said...

LOL..dancing naked men in art go figure ha ha ha...Im giggling at you and ur mum scadaddling out of there...Love the pictures.


Tracy said...

Wonderful photos, Sarah...thanks for taking us along with you. And very funny with the bendy naked blokes--haha... Happy Day ((HUGS))

Yiota said...

Your pictures travel me to London and that for me is precious. Thanks.
Take Care.

snoopydog said...

Hi there! Love your pics!Will comebacksoon to seeyour abstract. Now popping off tosee the bendy man! :D Ros

kendalee said...

Great pictures and I love the random dinosaur! Am off to watch the video now - I like the idea of bendy naked men dancing! Oops, did I say that out loud? ;)

Relyn said...

The art sounds brave and interesting. I haven't watched it. Yet. I'm working up my nerve so that I am not shocked by bendy naked men dancing.

Anonymous said...

Great photos!