Friday, 11 September 2009


I think it is important to start at yourself and work outwards for peace. Make peace with yourself, with your nearest companions, and so on, as the circle gets wider. Wish for world peace and promote that by the example you set. That is what I would like to be like and I try to be although I don't always manage it.
I know today is one of those days when minds turn to war, and peace, and hopefully wish for the latter.
I was a little worried to write about such a big and important subject, but actually this is how I feel so that is all there is for me to say.
I looked for a little help with this by googling Poems for Peace. That led me to this beautiful site, with poems for peace from children around the world. To state the obvious, they are the ones who are the most important in this, as they are in charge soon!
I loved this poem, it is just so beautiful.


Grown up people

scurry here and there

upon the crust of the earth

cursing each bump, grudging dis n' dat

like a garden full of bitter weeds.

I am a child

filled with salt from the sea mist

and the smell of green

that rides the air and feeds me

as I breath in and out.

A cooling breeze strokes musical notes

as it brushes the leaves

of the banana and breadfruit trees.

John crows jabber, parrots gossip and

Hummingbirds delight in the suckle of

the limebush flower.

The warmth of the sun wraps me

as I journey through each day.

The light of the moon guides me

as I find my bed and pray

for my family, my country,

all people to notice,

that the world itself is at peace.

This poem is by a 14 year old girl called Tanika Stewart from Jamaica. She must be a lovely, wise girl, judging by her poem.
I have loved rock week-so thank you Graciel for hosting such a great thing!
Have a peaceful weekend.


Debbie said...

Perfectly said Sarah, hopefully this next generation of children will keep their wisdom with them as they grow older.

Shell said...

A lovely poem to share on this day. Hopefully the next generation will increase the peace in the world.

Candace said...

I do hope that we have peace to LEAVE the next generation, too. And peace does indeed come from within.
If we think we can not change the world, let us then change ourselves. If each of us does that, the world _will_ change.

Have a good good weekend. And thank you for your kind comments on The Shrine and The 10.
Your Friend,

Relyn said...

And so, to bed.

Seriously, what a perfect post for me to end my night on. Good night, sweet friend.

Janine said...

Sarah, how lovely this poem! I love rocks too. I think I got it from my dad, he was what we call a rock hound. He would travel with his pals collecting rocks in the Mojave Desert and elsewhere!

I love rock week!

Renee said...

Sarah this is really beautiful.

Can you send me your home address please madam.


Graciel @ Evenstar Art said...


I can't tell you how wonderful it has been for me to have you join me for Rock Week. You were the unexpected wild card in a week meant to take my mind off...everything. That you took this playing seriously and dove in deep warmed my heart to its core. I bow to you, Kindred soul and thank you so much for sharing.

3rd week of October is pumpkin week..just in case you're as mad for them as I am...

xo, Graciel

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful poem! As I read through it I felt as if I was a child again and seeing peace as so simple, as it really is.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem!

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Great post and the poem is naturally true. I like every single word you uttered.


Anonymous said...


What a great way to portray peace!

And communicate yet another important and true message to us grown ups!

Thanks for that awesome link, too :-)