Sunday, 6 September 2009

Playing With Light

Light played with me first of all, when it showed itself through my bottle of Ecover. It suddenly lit up so brightly, in contrast to the gloom all around it, that I just had to take a photo.
Later I was trying out ideas for projects looming and had fun with silhouettes and with my lightbox. An hour playing with tissue paper on a Sunday afternoon was fun. I was going to just try out the colours against the light and then I found the leopard spot paper. It might be a Jaguar-I thought this later when watching Joanna Lumley searching for them in Mexico. They have a hide, stalk and pounce method of hunting, just like a domestic cat. The cats are very sensitive to tv programmes about animals and quite often stop to watch. Tiger was the viewer today! Lily prefers bird programmes. The paper doll is from last year-made when we were on holiday in Scotland, before I had a blog. She has been shoved in a bag in the back room for a while now so must have been pleased to have a trip out!
Lily just walked past the lightbox for the first time and did that funny creeping walk whilst moving her head up and down-she thought a big cat had invaded.


Sonia ;) said...

Its always refreshing how see minor details and the world around you.


snoopydog said...

Fabulous shadow puppetry!I'll remember this post, when we make them at school. I just adore your pics!Have a great week. Ros

Graciel @ Evenstar Art said...

Sarah! I have you added to my link list for Rock Week, starting the 7th, tomorrow! I am so thrilled you wished to join the silly fun. Can't wait to see your pics. I hope this is the blog you'll choose for the posts?

xo, Graciel

Ann said...

Nice shots ... light does have a lot of creativity huh? And you are skillful in your photography to capture such amazing shots with the help of light.

Yiota said...

Great shots. Light is a powerful tool in photography, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Great shots! That is a pretty paper doll!