Saturday, 2 May 2015

Long Day

I started the task of getting ready to list things on Etsy today. After a quick visit to the boot fair, which was very worth while, I got on with it. I read the photo tips on Etsy. They suggest that you take a picture on a plain background, a close up and one with the item in its setting. They suggest an attractive corner of yours or a friend's home. I do not have anywhere light enough here, apart from the kitchen, so I have to set up a mini studio there. I have a big white card display board which I stand on a card table which also had a large metal tray on it today to make it wider. Then I drape a white sheet over that. This takes up the whole space between the kitchen table and the worktop so makes it awkward to get past. So I aim to take lots of photos at once to make it worth while. Cassie always gets up on the table to have a nose and then when she has gone I can start. Below are some of the pictures I took. 
Italian souvenir doll from Sorrento. Plain background.
 Lady feeding her chickens. I love making little settings like this but it does take time. I have to dig out all my props from the many places they are hidden away. These perspex shelves are from Muji. They make whatever you put on them look stylish. The daisies are from the never ending supply in the garden.
 The blue and white fabric is a scarf. 
 The little chest of drawers was a present from John and Lizzie who I worked with last year. It holds seaside finds. I love this little sailor boy but have decided to only collect Scottish dolls like this so he can go and live somewhere else.
 Hoard used to mean treasure. Below is my hoard from the bootfair. I think I spent about £10. The reels of blue and green stuff are actually tape/ribbon and there seems to be metres of it. The man had 50p on them and when I bought all he had he halved the price! I love the boot fair.

I have printed out the prices and dimensions of both large letters and small parcels in the UK and to the USA and have managed to actually list two items. More will be done tomorrow. Not sure when I will open the shop yet though!


Steve Reed said...

Wow, you are really putting some effort into the photography! And what a haul from the boot fair!

Shell said...

This is really great. I'm happy to see you working on the grand opening of your Etsy shop.