Monday, 27 April 2015

Not Procrastinating

I read in a self help book recently that procrastinating can take the form of doing lots of quite productive things, so is not entirely negative. That is the kind of procrastinator I am, one who has their washing done, the floors clean, and some things I don't need finished or bought. This weekend I decided not to be that person, but to be a person who gets the things done that have been nagging at them for a while. I was spurred on by the disappointing news that the Bethnal Green school will probably not need me after half term as they are going to use a newly appointed teacher for next year to do the PPA cover for the two days I do it. I am quite sad about it as I really love the school and the kids there and I will miss them. However, that is the supply life I suppose! Anyway, the idea of starting to take my etsy shops seriously also included an idea to start another one, in which I could sell lots of things I have collected and also some art work and supplies. I want it to be like my perfect shop-and hopefully some other people's too. In the light of that thought I closed my first shop and my first buying only account, to free up two email addresses and attempted to open another account. After a frustrating time with that (the confirmation email never arrived) I got yet another email account and tried again on Sunday morning. So I now have a shop waiting to be stocked and opened! I was pondering over names, all of the ones I thought of having been taken, when I suddenly realised I should just call it 'Circles of Rain' so that is what I have done. Next I collected lots of potential things to sell. Then I had fun finding various props to be used as backgrounds. Then I made two backgrounds. For the first on I used some white, tree like sticks which are actually perfumed (charity shop find that I knew would be useful). I stuck them onto a painted canvas, then stuck on diamante pieces from a dismantled bracelet for stars. The other background is made from what was meant to be a garden border edge. I bought it in a cheap shop last year and used it as a background for my growing beans display at school. It is a strip of wired sticks. I unwired them and stuck them in two rows onto a piece of cardboard packaging I have had for ages (again I knew it would be useful!) This used up three whole hot glue sticks. I didn't have time to take photos but took a few on my phone to play around with. I would not necessarily do this much to them for etsy but I like the historical monument feel that has been given to small plastic animals. 

Next weekend I will take photos for this shop and for the felt and crochet shop. Then hopefully the following weekend I will open all three.


Linda Sue said...

that is a load of work! I keep adding and subtracting from my shop, it has been good so far , things are actually selling! Dealing with accounts is so frustrating, especially since I forget the email addresses of each and the passwords so am just using one shop for everything now. My mackbook froze for about two weeks, so none of my apple products would work correctly. Fixed it this morning so easily, just have to know how...Love the elephant photo!

Relyn Lawson said...

Hello, friend. I, too, am a procrastinator. The perfect term for me, coined by a friend, is Procrastinating Perfectionist. That's me. Love these images, by the way.

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