Saturday, 11 April 2015


On the way home last night from a delicious meal out, I saw this crocheted dress. I am not a big fan of crocheted clothes and this does not change my mind. It is just like the horrible seventies things made from granny squares. Because I took this photo I then took lots more of mannequins. They are all from expensive shops as we were in Mayfair (don't ya know!). Looking at them today I saw that they have lots of interesting things in common. They only have limited hints of features, if  they have any at all, and are monochrome. They are all bald. (If they even have a head that is) They hold their hands in strange ways, as if they were doing a backward stretch of the arm. I was trying to remember when mannequins had hair and make up and I googled seventies and eighties mannequins. They often had both then. I also remember the moulded hair eighties types, and have seen lots of examples of earlier ones, such as from the thirties that had moulded hair. In vintage shops you can see mannequins from all eras. In my back room you can see one from the sixties! (Or possibly seventies) She is beautiful and surrounded by a lot of stuff. I should get rid of her really as it is cramped in there, but then where would my Russian hat and metal threaded dress go?
 Simple features.

 No features. 

 Disturbingly headless. 
 Advancing menacingly with their noseless faces. 
 This man is the most natural looking that I saw. Looks slightly bored. 

 Most odd hand positions of the whole lot. I quite like that woven thingy. 
Not sure if it is for display or for sale!


Linda Sue said...

they are all so bland, I suppose that is the point.Did you see the Mexican mannequin made from the shop keepers body? the REAL body!

Steve Reed said...

That is EXACTLY like those horrible crocheted things from the '70s. Retro style, I suppose! Did you ever imagine THEY would come back?!

Neighborhood Watch said...

Mannequins make me uneasy. When I was a kid walking home from school I would not turn around to look in parked cars I passed because I was creeped out that I would see a mannequin in the car. I really knew I wouldn't--but what if I did?! Must've been influenced by some movie.