Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Brought To You By The Letter B

(Dollshouse in Otford)
(Embossed stamp, metallic ink, Brusho, in journal)
(Alcohol pens, metallic ink, in journal)
(Page from a sample book of different techniques I made recently. 
It was drying in the sun near the window when a rainbow appeared)
(Crocheted bag for crochet)
(Chocolate painting at Arty Party last week)
 Breezy Brine
(Queenborough on Sheppey on Sunday-as are rest of Bs)
 Blue Boat



Linda Sue said...

That is the best photo of a bible ever! The little boat looks as though it hums tunes, what a cutie! I totally want a headstone like that to keep me in the ground when I am dearly departed. That is AWESOME!! Cool stuff, ms. sarah!

Shell said...

Loving your B filled posts, Sarah.

Yiota said...

I love the page with the butterfly! And I wish I had a blue boat, too!

snoopydog said...

Gorgeous pics, filled with life and colour! Hope your week is going well. Ros