Saturday, 25 April 2015

Mohair and a New Place to Visit

I found a lot ( a lot!) of yarn today in a charity shop. It was such a massive bargain that I could not leave it there. It is mohair which I often find in charity shops. I have found all sorts of lovely colours in the past, mainly blues, aquas, greys and purples. Today was the mother load of beautiful colours! So I have been looking for patterns to maybe actually make myself a wearable piece of clothing. Mohair jumpers are a bit fluffy but I thought if I made something lacy it might be ok. Or maybe I could make something huge and then felt it. If not then a huge and cosy mohair blanket. I found this pattern on ravelry which is not suitable for the mohair but I like it. I only joined Ravelry yesterday. It is quite mind boggling how much stuff is on there and I am not sure if I will use it much but no harm in having a look. 
 I also took a large and heavy bag of stuff to the charity shop and while I was there thought I should have a look in Wellhall Pleasaunce. It is just near where I park (in Eltham) and I have never been in there. It is lovely! The building is a 16th century barn and is now a restaurant called The Tudor Barn (funnily enough!) which is supposed to be good.
 There was a manor house there during Henry VIII's reign. He used to stay nearby at Eltham Palace.  Edith Nesbit who wrote 'The Railway Children' lived there for twenty two years (in the house-Well Hall)

 It has a series of formal gardens which are currently full of Spring colour.
There is a bowling green and it looked like sports grounds further on. 
I love the symmetry of this view.
 I wandered around for a while. I was on my own so was keeping an eye out for dodgy types as there was hardly anyone there. I saw a man drinking from a plastic bagged bottle and avoided him but other than that nobody.
 It is in a busy area surrounded by roads which makes it all the better to find such a quiet spot. A train rattled past the empty sunken pond.
 A bus at the end of this avenue of trees.
This wisteria is huge and will look spectacular soon. I must remember to go back!

 It doesn't really show in the photo but this wall was really bowed. 
Below is the other side of the wall-with some very sensible buttresses probably due to the bowing!
 These irises will look pretty good soon too. Mine didn't flower last year which was disappointing. Hopefully they will this year.
This area of London has so many parks and gardens, and some of them are quite hidden. Recently on a walk back from Greenwich our friend showed us a little park with a graveyard of sailors. It is not far from where we live but I never knew it was there. Always something to discover!


Jenny Woolf said...

Yes it is a very hidden and rather surprising bit of London. I am only just getting to know it. So thanks for this post, I had not heard of this bit.

Linda Sue said...

I think that you could live several lifetimes there an not quite see it all. You are so lucky to have been born English! Lovely photos, and I did really enjoy the previous post about the pickle building...a sailors grave yard sound intriguing!

snoopydog said...

Such a beautiful place. I love London! My youngest daughter has had an offer accepted on her first flat there, so I'm looking forward to lots of visits! Love the pattern you found. Maybe you could do a stripy version? Revelry's great, but I do waste a lot of time there. Have a good week. Ros

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