Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Miniature Dolls

I have had some lucky finds recently. 
Three Indian ladies, about two inches high. £1! They have such detail. The legs, arms, body and face are wrapped wool. A few stitches for the face and voila! They are mounted on tiny painted wooden discs and have the initials DC and 1/50 written in pencil on the base. 
Can't remember how much these slightly dumpy Kokeshi dolls were but I think about 50p each. They are about one and a half inches tall.
These sweet woodland felt dolls are from Amsterdam. Not so cheap but I love them. Two inches.
These little South American dolls were in a small wooden box and were 99p. I think they are worry dolls, at least that is what I used to know them as.  Their faces are embroidered in slightly more detail than the Indian dolls.
This girl is a modern dolls house doll. She was in a bag of toys I bought for phonics purposes but she is staying here! She is the tallest of the lot at nearly three inches. She is a Newcastle fan.

Last but not least is this little black lady. She is a brooch, and was not found by me but by Linda Sue. She is only about an inch high and yet still very detailed. A tiny embroidered face, an orange bead necklace, grosgrain ribbon clothes and a little cotton petticoat. 

I wanted to photograph them but felt they needed a background. So I used what was lying around-a coffee box, an embroidery hoop with hessian in (meant for machine embroidering but only once I had put the fabric into it did I realise the edge of the hoop will not fit under the needle.)
A quick bit of cutting, folding and sticking with double sided tape later and I had a little stage. I used some papers that came with a magazine. It is still on the desk with all the dolls in it as I do not want to dismantle it yet!


Linda Sue said...

Oh they are all so happy. And look! a little chickie duck band parade! What a lovely little life! When I move to England we will be in direct competition at the charities...DOLLIES!!!

Neighborhood Watch said...

I love these little dolls! They reminded me of a pair of silk dolls my husband bought at a yard sale. It is a matador and a Spanish lady. I had almost completely forgotten about them. I may have to do a doll post myself.

snoopydog said...

Loving all your tiny dolls! How lucky that they all found such a good home! Ros