Sunday, 3 May 2015

This Week

Tiger revealed how fat she really is by posing as Miss May.
 Lily relaxed after her visit to the vets was over on Tuesday and he found she has not lost any more weight. Cassie now has an inhaler and had to endure a big dog looking at her while we waited forty minutes for our appointment.
 I watched some of these turn into...
 ...some of these. They are at the Bethnal Green school in the nursery. Unbelievably cute. I was pleased to find out that they still want me for one day a week after half term as the other teacher can only do Thursdays. 
This man was lying on the street as I walked home on Thursday. I erred on the side of sense and didn't grab him. I regretted it later and went back in the morning but he had gone. I really don't have the room so it is probably a good thing.
On Wednesday evening I cut out 16 cardboard frames and backs from corrugated cardboard. These were for golden time on Friday. My current group have made wet felted pictures (This week one of them asked me if we were doing felt tips this week!) and I wanted them to have a lovely frame. What I thought would be a quick job turned into a three hour marathon of wielding a craft knife-a fairly blunt craft knife-and hacking away at uncooperative card. I got them done though, and the kids have taped them and covered them in collaged tissue paper. Next time I will take lots of embellishments in and they can decorate them and mount their pictures.
 As mentioned I went to the boot fair. This table of clowns caught my eye. I bought two of them for 50p. I wish I had got the red and white striped trousered one too.
 I am now up to 12 listings in my new shop with lots more photos pending that I took today. I think that once it is up and running then the workload will diminish. I have spent two whole days on it so far! Below is the photo studio. In the next photo is the mess that was on the kitchen table yesterday morning. It is now more organised with all the items I have photographed in two boxes. On the cooker are some pieces of cardboard that I am gessoing for future use. (The centres of the frames) I don't know how Andy puts up with me!

 The building has progressed. I can't wait until they finish and we can get back to normal in the garden. I can then tidy it up and Lily can stop guarding it which is what she seems to do every night. I asked the vet if stress could cause her to lose weight and he said it is possible. He said I should try Feliway which relaxes cats.
 In all the garden mess there are lots of flowers emerging. These are honesty-the purple rather than white variety which I prefer. I think they are biennial. I vaguely remember planting some so was pleased to see one little plant.
 This is the fennel which needs to go to the tip. Not found time yet though. 
 Lots of dandelions. I don't attempt to get rid of them as I think they are cheery and I love the clocks.
 Lily continues to stand guard. 


Lynne said...

Lovely catching up with you Sarah. Good luck with your shops and good to see the cats are all doing okay.

Jenny Woolf said...

Some fascinating pictures. I would have grabbed the dummy and thought about where to put him later. Which is probably why my house is full of junk that I am desperately trying to get rid of!

Candace said...

So glad to read about all your latest adventures. The cats are lovely as always. My Kittyboy has gone to Eternal Catland... he was 19, can you believe it? The manikin... I grabbed one once, only waist up, but well worth it.