Sunday, 31 May 2015


I have been doing lots of tidying and sorting recently. Today I did my wardrobe. A disaster area of epic proportions, which is now a place where I can see clothes I actually wear, and get them out. Three big bags of stuff going to the charity shop, and things I don't currently need but want to keep are shrunk wrapped. Anyway, when tidying bookshelves recently, I found this book by Judy Wise and Stephanie Lee. When I bought it I also bought some plaster but never got any further than that. 
I had everything I needed, including polymer clay to use for moulds, so I have been doing a bit of plaster casting. It is hard work getting the clay ready as it is pretty hard and needs a lot of kneading in small pieces to make it malleable enough to use for a mould. Not sure if it is because it is old.
I found various things around that I could use. I have had the little pointy hatted clown head for years. I think he came from the bottle shop in Greenwich, a long gone treasure trove of things dug up from Victorian tips. The porcelain doll body is from Rochester. It looks old but I think it is new and pretending as it says 'made in Japan' on the back.
I used the left over plaster to spread onto cardboard to make painting surfaces. I have attempted the clown. He is meant to be in the big top with balls flying around his head. I realise I should have done light coming in the opening. Too late now as the picture is covered in wax!

I have used all sorts of things, including a Father Christmas bottle opener, some stamps I made, plastic moulds, a Roman soldier and part of a china house.
 Now I need to decide what to do with them all!


Steve Reed said...

You are so industrious! :)

snoopydog said...

Oh my goodness! How lovely! Where will you put them all? Well done for having a clothes sort. That's something I need to do VERY badly!!!! ;-) Ros

Neighborhood Watch said...

I love all of the creative work here--so inspiring. I am trying to get some "makes" in during my summer break. Your blog got my mind going. Thanks!