Sunday, 24 May 2015

This Week

All the shrink plastic things so far, apart from tonight's effort to make rings using ring mounts and epoxy resin glue (araldite). I have not used it before so am not sure about how effective it is. 
 A fire on Monday in a distribution warehouse near the river. Apparently there were 70 firefighters involved.

 Cassie inspecting the works. She is still not well even though I have been using the inhaler for a couple of weeks. I am really worried about her so will take her back to the vets next week.
 The house is looking nearly finished. 
 The weather has been cold, stormy and windy for half the week, then quite good today

I went to Woolwich on Wednesday for coffee with friends. I popped into Tesco's for stickers first. This is the view from their window.
Thursday morning in Bethnal Green, then the evening near my house. 
A donkey or horse made from pieces of wood. Interesting and unusual for this area!

A cat on a sunny step.
Thursday after school was my last reading club with year two as I go down to one day a week after the holiday. I took lots of different word searches, and a piece of writing about hedgehogs which I made up a quiz about. Some of the kids were saying goodbye to their teacher as he was going home. He said bye then told them to go and get on with their work. ''We're not doing work, we're doing fun!' said one boy. Favourite quote of the month!


Jenny Woolf said...

Shrink plastic is interesting. My kids used to make shrink crisp packets. I don't know how we knew that if you put them under the grill they shrink. I wonder if they still do. They loved playing with them.

Linda Sue said...

Poor little Cassie, Please be well, little cat! The photos of light on the street are surreal! Strange glow! Loving your shrinky dinks!