Sunday, 17 May 2015

Shrink Plastic and Green

Something made me think of shrink plastic last week and so I ordered some from ebay. I have not used it before although I do remember shrinking crisp packets when I was a child. It was a craze for a while. I love this stuff! I got the clear plastic, so the effect is shiny like glass on the reverse of where it has been coloured. I have used alcohol pens and colour soft pencils. The pencils are better, though the pens are good for emphasizing parts of the drawing such as the eyes. I have also stamped on it which works well. I have made rings. pendants and earrings so far. I have ordered some ring blanks and glue as the wire with holes arrangement I have used is not a very satisfactory finish.  

 The green is the garden. It is green. with pretty purples and blues in amongst it. It is a complete mess really but I like how it looks. I am waiting for the builders to finish out the back before I have a tidy.
 Speaking of tidying, I have spent the whole of today sorting out two very messy corners of the sitting room, then cleaning the floor. It doesn't sound like much but the accumulated mess and rearranging needed took a long time. I am quite happy with the results though, and have found more things to list in my shop too. I opened the shop last weekend, and had my first sale yesterday which was very exciting. A blue Lincoln Continental which I shall wrap up and post tomorrow. I intended to list more things today, as well as take pictures of felt and crochet things, but that didn't happen! Next weekend hopefully it will. Yesterday we went down to Kent for a birthday tea with my Dad as his birthday is tomorrow. It was a lovely day, more of which tomorrow.

Hope your weekend was good!


Katharine A said...

We had 'shrinky-dinks' as children and yes I did shrink crisp packets. Seem to remember I made one into a badge. I don't think it'd work with today's metallic crisp packets, not sure I'm going to try and find out.

Linda Sue said...

Love shrinky dinks, and yours turned out very well! How did you make the hole in top? I see all sorts of potential, you are very creative/talented! See you soon!

Sarah said...

You make the hole first with a hole punch. Yes see you soon!